Diaper cakes are really cool decorations for baby showers and they make cool looking and very functional gifts. They also look way harder to make than they actually are and while they aren't cheap, they can take your budget and make it look like a million dollars. You don't even need to be very creative because the whole baby theme lends everything that you need. You only have to learn how to make diaper cakes, put it into action, and have the coolest gift or greatest decoration that any baby shower can ask for. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars paying someone else to do it for you!

What You Will Need

In order to make diaper cakes you need a base to put the cake on. This can be a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil or it can be a platter. You will also need diapers. Usually it is done with newborn diapers, but you can also use size 1 on the bottom and size newborn on the top layer which will make your gift last longer if the baby is born larger. You will also need small rubber bands, large ribbon, clear tape such as packing tape, and baby items to decorate with.  

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Prepare Your Base

The first thing you want to do is prepare the base if you aren't using a platter. Make sure that your cardboard is all one piece and that it won't bend on you while you are trying to carry your cake. You will then cover it with aluminum foil and secure it on the bottom side with packing tape or masking tape.  

Roll the Diapers

All of your diapers will be rolled up and secured with your small rubber bands. This makes it easy to make them into the cake shape that you will be using. You want to make sure that they are tight so that they don't come unrolled while you are trying to assemble your cake. If you decide to use two different sizes then you will want to make sure that they are kept apart just in case it is hard to know for sure which one is which. It will make assembly a lot easier for you.  

Tape the Base

Next you will make a circle of tape onto the base and fill it in a bit. If you are using double sided tape all you need to do is put it down. If you are using a single sided packing tape you should fold the tape over and make it into a large loop with the sticky side out. Then press it onto the base so that there is a sticky side up.  

Arrange Your Diapers

Now you will want to place one diaper in the middle, roll standing up. Surround that one diaper with more to make a circle. Use ribbon to tie it together. Keep building it outward until you have a single layer of “cake”. Add a little tape to the top if you are doing a second tier. You can continue on for several tiers (I have seen them with as many as five tiers though that is a large cake). Make sure that you tie each row off with ribbon so that it stays together.  


Once you have your diapers together in a diaper cake the fun can begin. Use a wide ribbon to cover up your outer rubber bands and any thing ribbon you used to hold your layers together. This really dresses up the cake as well as hides the materials used to hold it all together.

You can decorate the layers with more ribbon, flowers, confetti, and cake toppers, or useful items for the mother to be. Some great choices include small toys, wash clothes (you can even make them into bunnies or roses), booties, a bathroom set (thermometer, medicine dropper and spoon, nail clippers, ect.). Another thing that you can do if your budget allows is to use small items that are on the registry. Onsies can be rolled and tied in the middle for a bow like appearance. Gift cards can be tucked into the ribbon for added color and cuteness. You can also include small items for mom. This is a great time for her to get pampered and small containers of bath salts and lotions are nice as well as mommy care items including stretch mark cream and lanolin. A gift card to a spa or massage is also sure to be appreciated.  

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Getting Creative

Sometimes it requires that you get a little creative to turn registry items into something cute on the cake. You can do this with ribbons, bows, and how you tuck it into the ribbon and diapers of the cake. You can also wrap items into tissue paper, tie them with bows, and add them as small packages to the cake if you just don't want the item in site.  

Bringing Your Cake With You

If you used tape and tied everything together with care then you will find that it isn't hard to move your cake and you can easily pick it up, put it in the backseat or the trunk, and take it with you. However, it is a good idea to get there a little early so that you can find the perfect place for it. You will also want to make sure that there aren't too many ladies already at the baby shower when you bring it in.  

Tips for Using Diaper Cakes in Your Baby Shower

If you are throwing the shower and want to use diaper cakes there are a lot of different ways to add them to your décor and to have them look great. Make a medium sized to large sized cake (depending on budget) to go in the center of the gift table. Then use one small cake as a centerpiece in each of your tables for a cohesive look.   

Diaper cakes are great because you really control what goes into it and how much you spend. Unless you are looking for a large fee for a small cake (at least $50, but often upwards of $100) then you can make one yourself. It can be a great project for two or more people and sounds way harder to do then it actually is. You will be surprised at how fast it comes together and how wonderful your diaper cake can be.