Recipe for Duck Soup For Ferrets

If your ferret is sick or recovering from an illness, and a ferret supplement isn't helping, you may have been told to find a recipe for duck soup for ferrets to help them regain their appetite, gain weight and get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. There are many different duck soup recipes and ferret vitamins and ferret supplements that you can try. You may find that some ferrets may prefer one recipe over the other. You may have to experiment to see which duck soup recipe works best for you. And not to worry: there are no ducks contained in this recipe for duck soup.

Duck soup is often used to feed ferrets who are sick, recovering from illness, geriatric or simply need to gain some weight. Duck soup is a homemade formula that is high in both protein and calories, and is designed to help your ferret gain weight and get healthy. There are many variations of duck soup, most can be made with products that you already have in your kitchen at home.


Combine 1/2 can of kitten food (Iams is best), 1/2 can of Gerber chicken or turkey baby food (2nd step), 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, and enough water to thin out the consistency a little bit. This will make it easy for you to feed the ferret using an eye dropper, if necessary. Warm the mixture to just slightly warmer than room temperature, and offer to your ferret several times daily.



Combine 1 can Sustacal (or a can of Ensure), 1 can of water and 2 cups of kitten food that has been soaked in water and blend well together. Add water to thin out the mixture as needed. Warm to slightly warmer than room temperature, and offer to your ferret several times daily.



This recipe is quite a bit more complicated to make, and requires more ingredients, but is one of the best recipes available. You can make this in a large batch, and freeze it for later use.

1 whole roasting chicken, boiled (or preferably about 5 pounds of chicken legs and thighs)
1 tablespoon Ferretone (available at most pet stores and
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons whole oats or 1 teaspoon Original Flavor Metamucil or equivalent
1/4 tube of Nutristat, Nutrical or Ferretvite (available at most pet stores - use 1/8 tube or less for ferrets with hypoglycemia)
2 teaspoons honey (reduce/omit for ferrets with hypoglycemia)
2 eggs whole, hard boiled, shells removed
10 scoops Nupro (available at, may be omitted but contains great stuff and enhances flavor.)
1 teaspoon Pet Tinic (available at - may be omitted but preferred)

Cover the chicken with water in deep pot and boil for about 1.5 hours ... Allow to cool and then carefully separate the bone and gristle and discard (we don't want to give them a blockage).

Grind the chicken with a meat grinder and set aside; blend the remaining ingredients with the chicken stock until it's uniform in texture. If you are using Metamucil, as a final step, slowly sprinkle it into a running blender of gravy and then pour back and stir the mixture well. Warm to slightly warmer than room temperature, and offer to your ferret several times a day.

Above all, be sure to check in with your veterinarian if you have a sick ferret on your hands. Ferrets are small animals they can get very sick, very quickly. Additionally, the information contained in this article should never replace a consultation with your own personal veterinarian.