Homemade Christmas crafts do not need to be difficult or complicated to render charming decorations and gifts. Whether you want to use up leftover fabric scraps from a bigger project or need a way to keep the kids entertained on a busy afternoon, turn to a few easy Christmas crafts.

Potpourri Sachets

Recycle old fabric scraps into scented sachets for quick gifts or to use in your own home. Cut fabric into four to six inch squares. Apply glue to three edges of one square and gently press a second square of the same size on top to form a pocket. When the glue has dried, stuff the sachet with scented potpourri and glue the opening shut. You can use this method to make round sachets or trace cookie cutters onto the fabric to make Christmas shaped sachets such as gingerbread men or bells.

Felt Stockings

Simple felt stockings felt stockings are easy to sew and you won't have to worry about finishing the seams because felt will not fray in the same manner as other fabrics. Cut two identical stocking shapes out of pieces of felt and whipstitch the bottom and sides of the pieces together with a needle and colorful embroidery floss. If you would like a cuff on your homemade stocking, cut the top of each stocking shape several inches longer and fold down the excess material after sewing the pieces together. Glue felt shapes onto the stocking with fabric glue or use fabric paints to decorate your stockings.

Edible Ornaments

Create edible ornaments using foil wrapped candies such as Hershey's Kisses. Make a chocolate mouse by cutting two mouse ears from a piece of pink felt and gluing them to the back of a chocolate Kiss. Attache the ends of a loop of yarn or string behind the ears so that you can hang the finished ornament. Glue a second Kiss to the back of the first to sandwich the ears in place between the kisses. Add wiggle eyes and a curl of ribbon for the mouse's tail.

Snowflake Ornaments

Make jingling homemade ornaments using jingle bells and craft wire. Look for a craft wire with a gauge between 14 and 20 to make sturdy ornaments. Twist the centers of three six-inch lengths of the wire together and space the ends of the wire evenly to form the basic shape of your snowflake. Thread varying sizes of jingle bells and beads onto the wire to create your snowflake. Bend the end of each wire with pliers to hold the bells and beads in place. Tie a loop of fishing line to the bent end of one wire to hang your snowflake ornament.