Yearbook is a way to remember a very important episode of everyone's life. It can be pretty difficult when you make elementary school yearbooks or for any level, but the outcome will truly be worth it at the end of the day. There are advantages why it is great to make elementary school yearbooks; these small time capsules can be a wonderful memento both for the school and the students. Creating them is obviously much cheaper than having them printed at printing companies. All you need is some creativity and materials and you're all set to create them.

Why Make Elementary School Yearbooks

Among the most excellent things when you make elementary school yearbooks is the bond that it provides you. As you make elementary school yearbooks, you will be able to recall the good times you had with your grade school friends and schoolmates, and this could even lead you to having communication with them again at some point.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher and have plans to make elementary school yearbooks for the school and for your students, what you can do is to let them sign and jot down short messages to every yearbook you have created before giving it to them. You can also include their contact info for the purpose of having constant communication with one another.

Yearbook is also a wonderful means to record someone's life. In fact, there are people who collect these very nice keepsakes starting from grade school until they graduate in high school as it gives them a complete library that keeps a record of their childhood. And even if you are not the type who collects stuff like this, it can still be a very good part of your life, especially when there is a year which you consider memorable for personal reasons, like you won first place in a spelling bee contest or the soccer team you were in made it to the finals. A yearbook for that particular year is actually a terrific way to think of the good old times.

Another reason why it is brilliant to make elementary school yearbooks is that it can be a good way in terms of raising funds for a local aid organization or the school itself. It can be a fund-raising instrument in such a way that you can sell ad spaces to local business owners or companies, or sell some pages to students wishing to incorporate their personal touch to it. For the parents of the graduating students, what you can do is to sell some sections in which they have the opportunity to write their wishes and personal messages to their children.

Furthermore, always keep in mind that when you make elementary school yearbooks, you are also helping new students to be introduced to the school as well as to their teachers, classmates, and schoolmates. Just so you know, a yearbook can also be released at the start of the school year, so if this is the time you intend to have it released, then it would be best to make elementary school yearbooks in the summer season as long as you know that they will all be done before the school starts again.

Yearbook also serves as a helpful learning instrument for the students. Writing, designing, and photography are the things involved when you make elementary school yearbooks. What does that have to do with learning, then? Well, you can create a yearbook club or organize a small staff to help you make elementary school yearbooks. Doing so will provide the students an experience in each and every area. Let them take pictures, do the layouts, learn basic things about publishing, and write short articles about the latest happenings in school. Regardless of what responsibility that you give to each of them when you make elementary school yearbooks, this can be beneficial to them in the near future.

How to Make Elementary School Yearbooks

The right encouragement and assistance is very necessary when you make elementary school yearbooks with them. Remember that they are still very young to do this without proper supervision, so always be present and ready to lend them a helping hand. You might not be able to get really good ideas from them, but if managed appropriately, all of you can still make elementary school yearbooks that everyone will look forward to having.

When you make elementary school yearbooks, start by gathering all the pictures and other memorable stuff in order. If you wonder where you can find your pictures online try here - school yearbooks online. If you are done with this, you can start arranging your pictures and memorabilia with the use of a computer paper, with a description of every event on each page. Do not forget to put the students' names in their pictures in tiny captions. Attach the pictures and memorabilia to the computer paper afterward with the use of glue stick.

When you are done with two pages, lay them one after the other and attach them with a coat of glue on each corner. Let them dry before you continue to make elementary school yearbooks and then roll out a large piece of transparent self-adhesive laminate paper so as to envelop both papers. Cut from the roll using scissors and take out the adhesive backing in order to set the page of the yearbook on the sticky area of the uncovered laminated paper. Have one more sheet of laminated paper on the page of the yearbook with the sticky area down. Cut the extra laminated paper afterward. Punch a couple of holes on the page's left side with a space of roughly 1/2 inch away from each other. Follow the same procedure with the rest of the pages.

You can decoupage pieces of wrapping papers to serve as your cover when you make elementary school yearbooks. Another option would be to place a huge photograph on the cover itself. Decoupaging is done randomly or in order with some designs. You can have the cover laminated using several laminate papers and then punch a couple of holes on the left side. The back cover can also be done using the same style.

A yarn or string can be used to fasten the yearbook along with a needle. Make sure that you pull them tightly as you weave the yarn in the holes. Finalize your work by fastening the yarn with a tight bond on the yearbook's back cover. You can also make use of markers and paints when you make elementary school yearbooks if you want additional decorations.