Emoticons, also known as smiley faces, are very easy to add to any chat to spice up the conversation! It gives emotion to a sometimes boring conversation and can give off many things. Maybe he or she ;) (winks) at you. That can be taken a lot of times as flirting. Online conversation, whether through facebook, myspace, or any online chat, can be much more interesting when you know how to make emoticons on the keyboard. Many chats don't have a smiley face you can use like these below, so you have to make your own, which is what I will be teaching you. Many chats have a section for smiley faces, but once you know how to make them on the computer, then you can use these suckers anywhere and much faster! How to make emoticons is easy with this quick and simple guide below.


I will be covering the Western (Hemisphere) emoticons that are most often used. In most of these smileys, it is written from left to right. Usually a colon is written for the eyes of the face, but sometimes an equal sign, a capital B, and the number 8 can be used as well.

:) =) =] :] :3 8) : } :-) These guys are basic happy smiley faces.

:D C: xD =D Big happy faces.

( ) Hug.

;) ;] ;D *) Wink faces.

D: D= D8 Omg!! Horror faces!

:-X :X Won't tell. Sealed lips!

>:) >;) Mean faces.

@}-;-'--- Rose.

:( :c :< Sad faces.

:| No expression. None.

:'( ;*( Crying.

:o Shocked.

:P Tongue sticking out.

O-) Cyclops.

: :/ Skeptical.

>.> <.< >_> <_< Sarcasm.

<3 Love! :)

These are just some of the many smiley faces that are out there on the internet; there truthfully is infinite many. What can be really fun is making up your own smiley faces, or making them with your friends so that only that know what they mean. Smileys are very interesting and can make any situation exciting! How to make emoticons on your keyboard is easy and doesn't take long at all, so crack those knuckles, look at this guide, and starting typing away!