To make espresso coffee is a fairly simple process. There are some things one should know before choosing the bean, grind and equipment for this eye opening and satisfying beverage. An espresso preparer is called a 'barista'. There are no less than five types of espresso makers: steam, manual and several types of automatic machines. The semi-automatic is commonly used in most homes.

Things You Will Need:

  • Fresh roasted and ground espresso beans
  • Selected espresso maker
  • Demitasse cup
  • Optional: cream for frothing, sweetener, twist of lemon.

Step 1

Select the right roasted coffee bean. A light roast does not have enough oils for the espresso flavor. The dark roast is preferred by some because of the high oil content, but can be too bitter. The perfect espresso roast is a blend of medium and dark roasted coffee beans. Experiment to find the preferred roast for you.

Step 2

Grind the correct blend of fresh roasted coffee by using the espresso setting, if available. If you are manually or pulse grinding, it should be ground quite fine. Not too powdery, this will make the pressurized water more difficult to force through. A fine granulated sugar consistency is the perfect espresso grind.

Step 3

Tamping the grounds. Use an espresso machine add filtered water to the bottom chamber. Fill the top basket with finely ground espresso beans. Use a tamping utensil or a spoon to pack in the grounds to a medium pressure. Too tightly packed and the pressurized water will take longer to pass through, perhaps creating more of a bitter taste.

Step 4

Let the espresso machine brew, the dark liquid will automatically fill the cup or carafe. The stove top unit should be placed over medium low heat. It only takes a few minutes. When you start to hear it bubbling, it has started to enter the top chamber, it only takes a few moments to finish. Take it off the heat right away.

Step 5

Using the steam method, manual lever, automatic, semi-automatic or ultra automatic is a choice according to your personal preference or professional business needs. Step 6 Enjoy it hot, immediately when poured. There should be a flowery and chocolate note in the aroma as you sip the sweet, smooth flavored espresso coffee. The crema holds in the flavors, it is the sudsy, micro bubbles that are seen on the surface just after the espresso is made. The espresso should be a dark nutty brown color