Essential Oil

Essential oils are wonderful. Not only do they smell great, but they also have many therapeutic uses. You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to make essential oil at home. Below is step by step instruction on how to start making your own essential oils in just an hour.

Things You Will Need

Porcelain Kettle, Plastic Hose Pipe (5 feet long), Bottled Water, Bowl of Ice, Flowers or Herbs of your Choice, A Large Container or Bowl, An Eye Dropper

Step 1

Make sure you have everything ready. The plastic hose pipe should be durable, resistant to heat, and long enough. You can use any flowers or herbs, but some popular choices include rose, jasmine, orange blossoms, citrus peels, mint, lavender, or basil.

Step 2

Add the flowers or herbs to the kettle. Typically this should be just enough to cover the bottom of the kettle, but you can use more or less depending on the strength of the scent.

Step 3

Fill up the kettle with water. Put the kettle on top of the stove, but don't turn the heat on yet.

Step 4

Take the mouth of the hose pipe, and attach it to the spout of the kettle.

Step 5

Bend one section of the hose pipe, and stick it in the bowl full of ice. This will help to cool the fluid inside.

Step 6

Now, take the bottom end of the hosepipe, and lay it in the empty bowl. Make sure that this is below the kettle, so that the water can flow downwards.

Step 7

Turn on the stove, and allow the water to boil.

Step 8

Once it starts boiling, turn down the heat down very low. You want the water to stay hot so that evaporation occurs, but you don't want it to simmer or bubble. Leave this for at least 1 hour.

Step 9

Take an eye dropper. You should see tiny drops of oil floating on the top of the bowl of water. Use your eye dropper to suck up this oil. It isn't a lot, but that is typical when making essential oils.

Step 10

Put the oil in a glass container or perfume bottle. Keep it away from air and light.

In addition to the essential oil, you can also use the remaining water as a perfume, or add it to your bath. Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings