When you have babies around, it seems like you are constantly buying some new baby gear for them to use. Whether it is a stroller, a playpen, a high chair, or any kind of toy, they will eventually outgrow it. Usually this happens before you even get the baby item broken in. Babies go through things so fast that the items still look like new. The cost of these items are pretty high, so the market for used merchandise is large. Here are a few ways to sell your used baby items and get some extra cash.Used Baby Items

*Once your baby outgrows any clothes, toys or baby gear, clean them up really well and place them in bags or baskets to take them to a local re-sale store. These places are in all cities these days. Just look in the yellow pages or on the internet for used baby clothes and you are sure to find something.

*It is a good idea to give the re-sale store a call first before taking in your items to see if they are buying what you are trying to get rid of at the time. They can tell you what they are buying before you haul a truckload of gear over to the store.

*Take all of your baby clothes, toys, and gear over to the re-sale shop and take them inside to the counter. There, you will need to fill out a seller information card so they know who to contact once they have gone through all of the items and are ready to make you an offer.

*They will usually look over your large items, gear and toys and make you a cash offer on the spot. Clothes usually take about a day for them to go through. Then they will call you to let you know what items they would like to buy and what they are offering for them. Then, you just have to go back to the store to get your cash and any items they did not want to buy.