How to Make Extra Christmas Money by Teaching Online

So in just a few months Christmas is approaching and you need to plan who gets what for Christmas. Moreover, you know that this is going to put a dint in your pocketbook so you need a plan to counteract the deficit. How will you offset the money you are going to spend on Christmas gifts? If you have a master's degree in any field, I can share with you a plan that worked for me. It is online teaching at a community college, four year college or university.

Suppose, for example, that you have a master's degree in English. You could teach a survey course on the Romantic Poets and you could teach freshman composition. Some colleges would expand the offerings to include dramatic arts, journalism, speech, and specialized courses like Southern Literature or Women's Literature. The interesting point here is that you would not choose the curriculum. It would be chosen for you. But first, how do you get to interview for such a job? Keep the Christmas spirit and get busy.

First, you must search the schools available for online teaching. University of Texas offers a list of such prospects. Go on line and print out this list..Then look through it and ask yourself which school you would like to teach for. Remember that distance does not matter. You will be teaching online. Send your CV and references and unofficial transcripts. If later the school wants your official transcript you can sent that later. For right now, the unofficial transcript is sufficient. Send all of this by email. Then if you get a bite, you will probably do an interview by phone. If you pass this you will go on to the training. All online schools require you to go through their training. Since navigation is the name of the game, the training is paramount because each online school can vary a bit in terms of the platform, the curriculum and the policies of the school. Remember your earn extra money for Christmas. Therefore, you will want to follow the rules of navigation carefully.

OK, so now you have gone through the training and passed it with flying colors. Now comes your introduction to a mentor. You will be given both print and verbal directions throughout. Pay attention. This is important. You will fill out announcements giving your office hours, you policies on plagiarism, on late work, on protocol in the classroom. For example, no profanity or obscenity is allowed. Some would say this behavior is particularly inappropriate during the Christmas season.

The Platform and the Curriculum for Christmas Money-Making

vThe platform is similar to Blackboard, but different enough to create confusion if you attempted an exact match. On the left of the of the screen, you will see the entire curriculum, mapped out in sequence, from directions to the student to read all the assignments to get an overview and at the top you will see a block for announcements, which include office hours, change of schedule, policies, emergency announcements such as storms in various geographic areas, clarification of issues and directions for implementing new programs.

You will also see a link to the library, and to the use of the research room which offers a tutorial on APA (American Psychological Association) and a tutorial for grammar and composition rules and applications.

A prominent feature of the platform is a link which takes the instructor to Ask the Professor, which is just what it says...a place for students to ask you questions related to the task they have been assigned. Another similar site is Problems and Solutions which deals with technical problems the student has discovered. And there is is a link to Alert where the instructor can report any malfunction and have the technical staff work on the problem.

With the email function, you can contact your instructor and vice versa. As an instructor, you keep in the back of your mind that all this work is for making extra money for Christmas. But how does this work? Well, you are required to be in theclassroom X number of hours per week and your presence is recorded the moment your respond in the room. The chief value for the school is your high participation as an instructor. But unlike traditional classes, you will not design lesson plans; they will be designed for you. What will you do then? You will engage the student in interactive processes related to the weekly assignment. Here are some of the tasks you are expected to practice:

Paraphrase the student.

Share your own experience with the students.

Piggy back on what one student has said and refer the question to other students for opinions and qualifications,

Correct the student for misinformation but supply the correct responses.

Analyze and extend the student's response.

The instructor is expected to be present four out of five days a week and to participate with all the students. Failure to show up can result in a red zone rating and three red zone ratings can get one dismissed (not be rehired). So you will hear a lot about the red zone.

Student Lounge and Taking a Break for Santa Claus

If you are a student you get to take a break to have some virtual coffee in the student lounge and to chat with your fellow students. If an instructor, you can use a bit of quick RR as you prepare your Christmas shopping list. This is a non-graded situation room, purely for relaxation. Big brother should not be watching unless called by the student.

Grading is a snap. You do not have to take roll. That is done for you electronically. And all your scores for the students are averaged and you will get a print out on who made what and who needs extra help. The student can see this info to for their own performance but not the performance of one of their peers. If the student, at any point, wants to go over their grades, everything is accessible. There are definite procedures in place for issues like plagiarism and misuse of APA. There are rules against cheating, against using profanity or obscenity and these charges must be supported by a print record, which makes it easy to verify because most of it is in a print medium. Once you work for two weeks, you will find and welcome deposit made to your checking account. Santa Claus is in town. And he will approve our plan to make extra Christmas Money by Teaching on Line. This is a great opportunity for laid off adjuncts.

There are many online adjunct jobs that can be acquired by simply applying on a regular basis to multiple accredited online college degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs. By and large, post-secondary academic institutions are moving their degree programs in all academic disciplines to the online degree format. As a result, the community colleges, state universities and for-profit colleges that confer the bachelor degree online and the master's degree online are in need for qualified academic to teach the large numbers of online college courses. Practically any individual with an earned graduate degree, a Ph.D. or master's degree, has a very good chance of developing an online teaching schedule that will generate multiple online adjunct income streams. Online college teaching jobs are plentiful now and will continue to be plentiful in the future as more post-secondary schools realize the cost-benefit of distance education. Traditional faculty members who need to earn more income from college teaching should take advantage of accredited online college degree programs as a career path.