The average shopper spends around $800 during the Christmas holiday, and for many households this great expense can cause a hardship financially. However, there is  a way to change things so you’re not going into debt to ensure a good holiday. Many methods of making extra Christmas cash are out there, and by taking advantage of one or more of those you will find that extra spending money you need so not to cause any problems in your financial life.

Part-Time Job

If you can work a 2nd job, whether on the weekends or during the evening, you can easily earn a couple hundred bucks or more per week for easy holiday cash in a hurry. Of course this is not a feasible option for all, but it is certainly not the only option available.

Work Online

Online employment is hotter than ever, and there’s tons of online opportunities awaiting you. From article and blog creation to web design and customer service reps, work at home is available with many legitimate companies, offering a handsome paycheck at the end of the week, often without experience needed.

Clean out the Closets

When you clean out the closets you could find hundreds of dollars that you didn’t know that you had. You can resell most anything that you can part with –and remember, if you’ve not worn it in more than six months you’re not going to. Kids consignment stores are a great place for baby and children item, and many adult stores re available as well. CDs and DVDs can also be sold, as well as electronics, shoes, jewelry and more.

Star as Santa

Shopping malls, department stores and many other locations will need Santa’s, elves and Mrs. Clauses to make their events a success. A nice paycheck is the reward for your few hours of dress-up and holiday fun and festivities.

Wrap Christmas Gifts

If you have a talent for gift-wrapping, put that to good use. Many of us do not and our personally wrapped gifts look more like something an animal would do. Gift wrappers can work part-time and make good cash while making trees all around look great.

These are just some of the many fun, easy and beneficial ways to supplement your holiday cash. Look into each opportunity and in no time at all you will be making money and having fun all the while. What could be better?