How to Make Extra Money Online

Most people ask themselves how to make extra money, but many nowadays have converted this question into how they can make money online. Computer conscious teens and early twenties groups are trading strategies to make money online. And let's not forget seniors. They can always use a bit more pocket change and alternate streams of income for emergencies. One of the budding industries is online education. Many who never taught in their life are now teaching online. Qualifications? All you need to teach online is a masters degree in a basic field like English or Math This is a way to make extra money online..

Doing a job search for online teaching is not as difficult as you may think. You need two things: know-how and persistence. The know-how is, strangely enough, something you already probably know: Most colleges, whether Community Colleges, Four Year Colleges or Universities have programs incorporating on-line teaching. All you need to find out for sure is to bring up their website. When you bring up their website, do not get fixated on reading the material addressed to students. You will want the section that reads: Employment or Instructors Wanted. In this sections, if you keep digging, you will find an application form. You must fill out this form and fax it to the school at the address indicated. This is all part of a procedure to earn money fast.

To Make Extra Money Online Requires Proper Documentation.

In addition to resubmitting the completed forms, you must include an unofficial copy of your transcripts for all credits earned as an undergraduate and all credits earned as a graduate. You may be required to submit official transcripts later, but wait and see if the college requires it. Most schools will want your current CV so you should keep this document up to date and, of course, a cover letter. In your cover letter, you should spell out why you would like to work for the school to which you are applying. Sign and date your application and fax it to them. But once you have faxed the documents, do not stop there. Go on to the next school on your list. Run five to ten applications at a time. You should always have a number of applications in the mail; if you don't apply then you cannot expect to get offers. Such is the procedure to make cash online.

If you are persistent, you will be given a date for a phone interview and a date for your training to begin. Almost all online schools require you to go through a training period. Here they will go over the philosophy of the school, the computer equipment and programs that you have-Microsoft word, for example. The training may last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Then you will be assigned a class. Usually, you will start with just one class but you will move up to two or more, depending on your performance. In your first class, an instructor will be assigned to work with you. Listen to your instructor; they are there to help you become successful. If you do not understand a navigation, ask your instructor the steps you should follow. The key to successful performance aside from showing up for the required time, is navigation. You must know how to get from one place to another. So nail this down first.

To Make Extra Money Online, Learn Your Platform

You must know where to find email, share, posting to assignments, library, grade book,address book, lounge, announcements, ask the professor, etc. in order to communicate effectively with your students. Each platform is a bit different and though there are overlaps, learn the interfaces of each and you will be able to operate smoothly. In addition, you must learn the policies of the company for which you are working. You must know how many hours you are expected to be online, how many office hours to post and when and where to submit grades. All of this will be covered in the training, but you may wish to take some refresher courses to improve your skills in these regards.

Sometimes, you may find a mistake in the program you are using. Perhaps there is an ambiguity and this confuses the students. Do not correct the program; instead, report this to administration and let them correct it. Usually, there is a button which says ALERT and this informs administration that you have identified an error in the program. They will get In touch with you to correct the error.

You must post your policies early so the students are clear on your office hours, you policy on late essays, your penalty for plagiarism. The plagiarism policy is actually scripted by the administration for the most part. Much depends on the degree of the duplicated work. Most colleges now use a system like which scans the essay and prints out a percentage of duplication. Small amounts of duplication are handled with a warning, but several paragraphs of copying can get students suspended; much depends on the interpretation of the copy. Perhaps the students did not understand documentation procedures. For this reason, most online libraries carry online versions of MLA and APA. If a student does not understand proper documentation, then they can go to a tutorial center and get one on one help.

If a student falls behind in his/her work, you can send them an email and follow up with a phone call. Be sure to use a current number and require this number on all forms. Call at the times indicated and discuss the student's progress, indentifying any areas that are not understood. Track the student's improvement following the conference. If the student is repeatedly absent and the work submitted is repeatedly at fault, then the instructor should consult the judgment of his/her superior. There are usually policies in place to handle these situations. As in the case of plagiarism, the student may firs go through counseling for clarity, and if the infraction is repeated, a committee reviews the student performance and if it persists, the student is sometimes discharged. Other reasons for discharging a student are the use of obscenity or profanity and any kind of threat.

Do not be confused. Online degree programs are often called by other names: distance education degree and college degrees online. The focus may be narrowed. For example, you may come across psychology degree online and online masters in teaching or a more general designation such as online accredited degree or associate degree online. Usually, the word online will be in the title, but an early substitute of online is distance education. teaching online makes extra money.