You are probably just like the rest of us. You are looking to make extra money online and you are not sure where to turn. You may have been the victim of get rich quick internet scams like many of us have, and you are cynical and confused.

One of the most legitimate ways to make extra money online is through writing. Writing in your own blog, or writing content on networks such as InfoBarrel is truly a legitimate way to make part-time income online.

When you write for InfoBarrel, you can monetize your writing through Google Adsense. You have to sign up for a Google Adsense account first, and must provide InfoBarrel with your publishers ID to get paid on the advertising clicks on your article.

What is fantastic about InfoBarrel is that it provides you a chance to earn 75 percent of the Adsense clicks on your article. This is truly unheard of in the industry and it really is very exciting.

In addition, InfoBarrel will pay you an affiliate commission of two percent of the revenue of others that you bring in as in InfoBarrel writer.

This author has seen other revenue sharing article sites before, but InfoBarrel excited me more than many of the others.

If you are looking to make extra money online writing, you need to acknowledge and understand a few things:

1. You must not spam InfoBarrel with poorly written content loaded with keywords. This can truly bring down the reputation of the company as well as make you look bad.

2. Try to polish up on your writing skills to excite and interest the reader while presenting your information.

3. Do your keyword research. This cannot be stated with enough emphasis. Keyword research is crucial to get a steady flow of traffic to your articles. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool or GTrends Wordtracker free keyword tool.writing for InfoBarrel

4. To earn extra money writing online for InfoBarrel, you need to write about topics that are familiar to you. Your writing will seem more natural. Later on you can always find other niches to write about.

5. Look for keywords that are heavily researched and that have a higher CPC. One keyword that was clicked yesterday earned me 50 cents in one click. This was very exciting.

6. Be patient as you are writing to earn money online. It takes time. Look at the long term and think about the residual income you will earn writing online. It can be very lucrative if you do not give up too soon!

In summation, earning extra money online can be very lucrative with time, patience, and determination. The best of luck is wished to you in your journey.