This article will give you ideas of the many ways to make extra cash using the online marketplace, Craigslist. Some money-making tasks may be tedious, so it all depends on your desire for the extra income.

Craigslist is available almost everywhere, but double check that it is available in your area.

Things You Will Need

A willingness to put in some decent effort.

Step 1

Search for Medical Studies or Focus Groups

Many studies become available daily, and although they are specific in nature, there are plenty of them that one may be good for you. Focus groups are posted less, but when they are, these groups ask for a wide range of people, with different backgrounds. I've seen focus groups that range from a 10-minute phone interview, to a mock jury. It all depends. Sometimes you'll get picked, sometimes not, but keep trying. If you become part of a focus group, they can pay as much as $100 in some cases. Others might be less, but its still money!

If you take part in a medical study, this pays significantly more. However, the requirements here are more specific. I took part in a sleep study that paid me $425 over a 3 week period. All I had to do was sleep in their lab. Some of them are that simple. It was easy cash.

Step 2

Sell Other People's Items for a Minimal Fee

Do any of your friends and family have extra items laying around? Many people consider selling on Craigslist, but don't want to go through the trouble of taking pictures, posting, and selling the item. This is where you can step in. Ask your friends or family if you can sell the item for them for a small fee. The amount can be decided between you both. I don't have a "going rate," but most people won't mind paying you a small amount to get rid of their extra junk around the house; and the best part... they make money for doing nothing! It is a hard offer to say no to. I have sold many items for friends and family, and that has helped add extra spending cash in my wallet each week. Remember, if you decide to sell for someone, you must take care of everything. Someone is not going to pay you to do work for them if they have to do some of it themselves. You are responsible for pictures, posting, communicating with potential sellers, etc. Putting in a few hours of work can turn into extra cash.

Step 3

Sell Your Used Items

Many people don't realize that they are sitting on tons of cash in their own home. There are many things sitting around that are hardly used or no longer worth keeping. Never forget that "one man's junk, is another man's treasure." Go through your closets, miscellaneous drawers, old boxes in the garage, any place that holds items that are not in plain view. Do you hold on to clothes that you haven't worn in six months? Do you throw items in a drawer that you never use? Do you have any gifts received that are stored away in a cabinet, unused?

Sell these on Craigslist! For a step-by-step guide for successfully selling your items, check out my other article:

Step 4

Search for "Etcetera" Jobs

There are many different posts throughout Craigslist that asks for people to complete small tasks. This could be anywhere from helping a person move a large object from one place to another (for those who own trucks or large vehicles), to dog sitting, or helping with cleaning an apartment for final checkout. The options are endless.

Putting in some time and effort on Craigslist can help generate extra cash in your pocket. I have managed to make hundreds of dollars through these simple steps. Find something that works for you and in time you will build up extra cash.

Tips & Warnings

-Craigslist is a public forum, anything posted on there can be viewed by other people. As a rule, I never post my address or email address.
-Talk to your physician before taking part in a medical study.
-Do research on specifics if you take part in a focus group. This will lead to a better call-back percentage.