Many people stay at home and earn money by selling on eBay. They go to thrift stores, garage sales and auctions and then resell on eBay making enough money each month to earn an income that is enough that they can live on it. Many people selling on eBay are moms selling from their home and this has extra advantages. The hours are flexible, there's no commute and you can work as many or as few hours as you wish. For me, I cebay (30968)an sell whenever my children are doing something else, and stop when they need me. I've been selling for over 5 years and I think it is the perfect job.

Here's a little guide to help you get started.

Realize it takes time

It takes a while to learn how to sell on eBay. You have to take good photographs, write good listings, learn about the best way to ship as well as finding a good source for your products. The way you learn is by doing, the more you sell the more expert you will feel.

Sell things you don't want

Start with things you don't want that are in your house that don't have a lot of value. This will get you used to the best way to list and educate you as to what sells on eBay and what doesn't and you won't have spent much on inventory.

Make mistakes

Realize that you will make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you will get your listings wrong and sometimes your shipping, but as time goes on you will learn from those mistakes. Each time you lose money on a transaction, tell yourself you have gained in knowledge.

Take good photographs

The photograph says it all. It shows item and condition. Make sure the item you are selling is in the center and the photograph is well cropped so it is as big as you can make it. Don't forget to rotate it if it needs to be rotated. Having a bad photograph makes you look unprofessional.

Write a good listing

Write a detailed listing, but don't be too detailed. Remember time is money. Be honest and make sure you mention any flaws.

Accept returns

Many buyers won't shop with someone who won't accept returns. Sometimes the return will be annoying to deal with, but accepting returns will help you sell more in the long run.

Finding products

I find most of my items to sell at thrift stores and garage sales. I also sell a lot on consignment, keeping 40% of the profit. Some people buy clothes in stores that are on clearance and sell them on eBay at nearly full price.

Ship promptly

Try and ship within 24 hours of someone paying. Then you will earn a good reputation for being a good seller.

Opening a store

Make sure you have been selling on eBay a while before you open a store as store fees cost money. You'll need about 50 things you can put in your store before it's worth opening one.

List similar items together

When someone is bidding on one of your auctions, they often look to see what else you are selling. If you have a number of similar items listed at the same time, they are more likely to buy something else from you at the same time.

Be patient

It's really difficult to earn a living from eBay when you first start selling, but you certainly can eventually. Be patient and persistent and the money will follow.

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