Are you new to the craft fair world? You're crafty, but you've just never been in one?  If you’re looking for a way how to make extra money for Christmas as well as show off your talent, registering for a table at a craft fair is a fun, one afternoon commitment.. So if you want to make extra money for Christmas this year, here are tips on how to prepare for a craft fair.
How to Make Extra Money for Christmas at a Craft FairCredit: Amberdawn 2011Rent a table. Try to rent a table for the craft fair early, because many times you will get a discount, which will increase your profit margin if you want to make money. Organizers of holiday craft fairs like to know how many crafters will show up, so they offer incentive to those who commit early to being in their craft fair.
Buy materials. When you buy materials for a craft fair, try to find bargains, because of course you’ll earn extra money if you spend less up front.  Since you're not actually making these items for yourself, but for customers you haven't met who attend the craft fair, try perusing the clearance bins at local craft stores.  The best time to do this is right after Christmas. Otherwise you can buy craft fair materials online in bulk for discounted prices. Making lots of the same crafts in assembly-line fashion will save you time.
how to make extra money for Christmas at a craft fair(54789)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Craft it up! Make your craft fair wares early, and make them often.  Ideally you don’t want to wait until a couple weeks before Christmas. The more crafts you make the better. Why? Because you need to remember you have overhead (the cost of the craft fair table rental) before you can turn a profit and make money. So a percentage of what you earn should be taken off your projected profits to cover the cost of the craft fair display rental.
how to make extra money for Christmas at a craft fair(54791)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Set prices. When you set prices for the items you plan to sell at the craft fair, you need to consider the cost of materials, supplies, and overhead. Create a projected plan for craft fair sales in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft word.  Create one column of the amount you spent on each item, then another column that multiplies by your quantity.  At the bottom, add any additional prices you’ve spent, such as the cost of the table.  That will show you how much you invested.  In the next column, set prices for each item, multiply by those same amounts, and you will see how much potential profit you are making.  Adjust the prices accordingly so that you aren’t setting yourself up to lose money unknowingly.  
Withdraw change and small bills from the bank. People at a craft fair pay in cash, so be sure to have change ready for your customers. Know your total till before the craft fair begins so when you count it at the end you know the difference is your profit.
How to Make Extra Money for Christmas at a Craft FairCredit: Amberdawn 2011Arrive at the craft fair early. You want to set up craft fair displays near the entrance, so people see your things FIRST. Potentials customers can get a little fatigued after a while and just breeze by the middle.  This is ESPECIALLY true when Christmas shopping.  
Set up your table attractively. It's not just your crafts that will entice people to buy. The whole setup of the craft fair displays will attract customers. Stay at your table. If you step away, even if you leave someone to watch your table, you are likely to lose customers at a craft fair. They don't want to wait for you to come back.
how to make extra money for Christmas at a craft fair(54792)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Count your end amount. Find out how much money you brought in for the day of the craft fair. Subtract the cost of materials and overhead. This is your total profit for the craft fair. I hope it's a lot! Good luck!
Tips & Warnings
• You can return whatever unused or unopened materials you didn't sell at the end of the craft fair.
• If you have left over crafts, there's always next year!