Make Fabric Flowers Quick and Easy!

Learning how to make fabric flower hair bows not only allows you to branch off the beaten path of grosgrain, it allows you unlimited possibilities for your creative wonder. For those of you who sew clothes, you’ll now be able to make a hair bow that matches your outfit to a T. Not only can you make hair bows with this quick and easy fabric flower technique, you can also turn those fabric flowers into brooches, headbands, bracelets, clips for shoes, scrapbooking embellishments, home decor and just about anything you can imagine.

This step by step guide for making fabric flowers is simple and quick. You don’t have to be a seamstress to make these darling crafts.

Gather your supplies - You will need:

  • Fabric- It is best to use something that doesn’t ravel bad. If you want to try something that ravels, you can try to hem the edges, use the selvage when you can or even apply liquid fray check.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Needle - I prefer a long one. If your fabric is thin, use a thin needle if possible.
  • Thread or Embroidery Floss - I use embroidery floss because I feel it’s stronger.
  • Ruler or Template - I use a rule, but templates are very handy to have.
Fabric Flower SuppliesCredit: Self

- Cut out 5 squares of fabric that are exactly the same size. The larger your squares, the larger your flower petals will be. For the one I am making in this demonstration, I used 3" X 3".  Tip - You can fold your fabric and cut out more than one at a time, especially if your working with a thinner fabric. Be sure to cut the squares of fabric for your flower as perfect as possible.

Fabric Flower 01


Fabric Flower 02

- Fold the fabric into a triangle. Make sure all the edges meet as close as possible. Leaving edges overlapping will make your fabric flower look sloppy.  

Fabric Flower 04

- Thread a needle with long piece of thread that is doubled. Tie a double knot on the end, leaving a tail of thread exceeding from the knot.

Fabric Flower 03

- Sew along the edges of one of the triangle. Try to make the stitches the same length and width apart for neater pleats. The looser you sew the stitches, the larger your pleats will be.

Fabric Flower 05


Fabric Flower 06

- Gather up the stitches to form a petal.

Fabric Flower 07

- Using the same thread and needle that is attached to the 1st piece of fabric, sew along the edges of the next one. Slide it up and proceed to the remaining triangles, gathering the previous one as you progress. (The pictures explain this well)

Fabric Flower 08


Fabric Flower 09

Tip - If you’re like me, I gather it up as I sew it and slide it on. It’s easier to me, but you use with ever you’re most comfortable with.

Fabric Flower 10(45393)

- Tie the ends of the threads together in a few secure knots, then cut off the excess thread.

Tip - leave just a tiny bit of room on the thread, so you can move the fabric around to shape.

Fabric Flower 11 Fabric Flower 12

- Fluff and straighten out the petals.

Fabric Flower 13

- Attach the flower to a clip and add a middle. Buttons or scrapbooking embellishments make great glitz for the middles. You can also make a smaller fabric flower to top the other one for a layered look. It can be sewn or glued on. You can also top this with a fabric Yo-Yo if you’d rather.

Fabric Flower 14


Fabric Flower 15Fabric Flower 16

(Doesn't match well, but it's one I already had made. It's really cute with a matching Yo-Yo)

Tips -
If you find your fabric is flimsy and won’t hold shape, you can stiffen a bow with a liquid starch mixture.
You can add more petals if you want. You can also use different colors of fabrics to make multi colored or patterned designs.

Now that you know how to make a fabric flower hair bows, the possibilities are endless!