Whether you want to be a decaying mummy, a seductive vampire, or a flesh eating zombie this Halloween season, fake skin can help give your costume a realistic look. There are several ways to achieve fake skin so read on to find the perfect look for your costume.

Things You Will Need

Baby Powder
Eyeshadow - blues, gray, and black
Pale foundation makeup
Cotton balls, cotton swabs, or make-up brush
White school glue
Water, food coloring
Spirit gum and remover

Step 1

The quickest way to get subtle fake skin is to use foundation, baby powder and eyeshadow. Start by grinding some gray, black and dark blue eyeshadow into a powder, keeping them separate.

Apply a very pale shade of foundation in a fairly thick layer over your face and neck. Powder your face with a heavy layer of baby powder, using a cotton ball or make up brush.

Then over the temple area and along the hollows of your cheeks, apply the gray and black powdered shadows, creating that angular vampire look. Add blue shadow under the eyes. Use a heavy hand with the shading. Shade the base of your throat and neck as well. Apply another layer of baby powder over that.

The combination of the thick foundation and baby powder will eventually start to flake away, giving the look of subtly decaying skin. To keep the look going all night long, periodically reapply the baby powder.

Step 2

If you're a zombie or rotting corpse, the fastest way to create patches of fake skin is to use regular white school glue mixed with a bit of foundation to give it a flesh-toned appearance. Apply a thin layer to the palm or back of your hand, let it dry and peel off. Try cupping your hand to make pieces with deeper impressions or spread your hand flat for a smoother piece of flesh.

You can create as many as you need this way. You can also speed the drying time with a hair dryer.

When you have a collection of "skin" pieces, apply them to your face over a base layer of makeup with either dilute glue and water for just a few pieces, or use spirit gum to attach multiple pieces. Avoid the sensitive areas around your eyes and eyebrows when you attach the fake skin.

Step 3

If you want to add a bit of ghoulish color to your flesh pieces, color the glue with food coloring...green for putrid, rotting flesh, red for bloody cuts...and let your imagination run wild. Make gashes by tearing the skin, use a needle and heavy black thread to create stitched together wounds or fold the pieces to create scars, lumps and bumps


Tips & Warnings

Spirit gum can usually be found at Halloween costume stores. Apply a little to your skin, wait until it's tacky and apply your skin pieces. Use spirit gum remover to take off the flesh at the end of the evening.