These puppet designes are based on the basic puppet body directions. 


Measuring tape


Felt in various colors

Sewing machine



Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Craft glue

Permanent markers

Googly eyes

Fantasy Puppet Directions


Glue yarn to the princess’s head with craft glue or hot glue.  Cut a 1/4 –inch wide strip of yellow felt. Glue the strip around the princess’s hair for a crown. Cut a 2 by 3 inch rectangle from bright felt. Glue this to the back of the puppet for a cape. Draw a face onto the puppet with permanent markers. Glue two googly eyes to the face.  Use these instructions to make a king, queen or prince as well from a favorite fantasy story. 



Make the basic body for the dragon all in green. Rather than making a round shape for the head, make a rectangular head. Cut a 2 by 3 inch triangle from green felt. Cut ridges into the top to make tail spines. Sew or glue the tail to the back of the dragon’s body. Cut spines for the top of the head. Draw two black eyes onto the face and a black mouth. Cut a tongue or fire outline from felt and glue it to the mouth.



Make the base body of the witch black. Glue black yarn to the witch’s head for hair. Cut a 2-inch square from black felt.  Roll the square into a cone shape. Secure the sides of the cone with glue. Trim the bottom so it lays flat. Glue the hat over the witch’s head. Cut a broom shape from brown felt and glue it to the witch’s hand.



Use the instructions for the witch to make the wizard. However, use bright colors of felt to make the clothes and hat. Cut a 2 by 3 inch rectangle from bright felt. Glue this to the wizard’s shoulders to make a cape. Cut out small stars and moons from white felt and glue them to the cape and hat.



Make a basic body for the knight. Rather than giving him hair, glue a grey circle to the back of his head. Cut a second circle the same size as the first, but cut out vertical notches into the top half of the circle to make a faceplate. Draw the face on the knight and then glue the helmet over the face. Cut a breastplate from gray felt and glue it to the knight’s body. Cut a feather shape from red felt and glue it to the top of the knight’s helmet. Glue a small sword and shield to his hands.



Make the basic body for the rogue. Cut a 2 by 2 inch square from felt and a 2 by 3 inch rectangle from matching felt. Glue the rectangle to the shoulders like a cape. Turn the square sideways and glue to the back of the head to make a cloak. The points of the square should reach above the head, at the base of the neck and at the shoulders. Give the rogue a tiny knife. Draw a mean face with permanent markers.