Have you ever wondered how to make fast easy money with video? You may be surprised to learn that producing short videos are an excellent way to generate passive income online. What is so great about passive income? You work once and generate residual monetary payments month in and month out for your efforts for years to come. At first, I was a little afraid of getting started with online video productions, but the payoff was just too good to miss out on and the results were instantaneous. Once I managed to learn to use the photo editing software, the rest of the process is quick and easy. For someone as much of a technomoron as I am, that is saying something about how intuitive the software is, and how easy video sharing platforms are to use.

How to Make Fast Money with Video

Shooting short videos is actually exceptionally easy work and a lot of fun to boot. You don't need to be a pro to make some serious money online, and relatively quickly too. Video, unlike writing for a living, is quick to produce and you can literally shoot 20 or more very short 2 to 3 minute clips in about an hour or less. Once you get a strong sense of which topics are frequently viewed, your time will become exponentially more profitable. You will quickly be able to come up with a concept, shoot a short video, and then edit and upload to the video sharing platform of your choice. Both efficiency and volume are the keys to making money online with YouTube videos, or any video platform.

How to Make Money with Video for Free

If you already have camcorder, here is the best part; you can get started producing online video for free. You can not beat free for starting a totally residual passive income stream. The camera is free if you own one, and so is the hosting if you choose any of the well known video revenue sharing sites to host your work. You can even get the video editing software for free. There are numerous free downloads for free video editing software available at cnet.com, or from software companies offering free trials. All you basically need is your time, willingness to learn a few skills and an idea to get started. The money comes pretty quickly after you get started posting your videos.

How to Make Easy Money with Video Revenue Sharing

As mentioned above, you do not even need your own website or a web hosting account to show your videos online. In fact, the easiest, most hassle free and fastest way to get paid when creating your own videos for the web is to select one of the revenue sharing video sites to host your content for you. What do revenue sharing sites do? They offer you free hosting in exchange for your video content, and then split the profits the site earns from advertising with you. They usually share 50% of profits based on how many views your content receives in a month.

Good Options for Making Money with Video Revenue Sharing Sites

There are new video sharing platforms cropping up all the time, but in terms of revenue generation, the more established sites tend to make you more money. Which are the best video revenue sharing opportunities? Here are four reputable sites to get you started:

YouTube- The first video sharing platform created online, and is still the most easily recognizable to most of the population. YouTube has a huge viewership will you're your videos to get viewed through their internal site search engine. Basic accounts allow your videos to be 2GB in size, with a total of 10 minutes of playing time per video. If you have longer videos, just create a series of shorter 10 minute pieces to get around the file size requirements. YouTube offers a recently released revenue sharing program based on the number of times your video is viewed. Although YouTube has chosen not to disclose their rates, the one thing you can be certain of is that the more your videos are viewed, the higher your profits will be. YouTube lacks transparency in their revenue sharing model, but makes up for it in brand recognition. YouTube videos are easily compatible with most every blogging and web 2.0 property interface, making it much easier for your videos to get seen and integrated in the blogosphere. What this means for you as a video content producer is that you are much more likely to have your content go viral and be viewed widely. More views, means you make more money and maybe get your few minutes of fame!

Metacafe- Metacafe is hands down, my favorite video revenue sharing platform because of the transparency of their revenue sharing model. Meatacafe pays a flat $5 for 1,000 views of your video, so it is easy to figure out how much you will make based on your traffic. Metacafe videos do best with very original, funny or extremely useful themes. Trendy topics also do well on Metacafe due to the volume of traffic hot topics will get in search engine traffic. I can not recommend this video revenue sharing site enough.

Revver- Revver is another video revenue sharing platform, which is very like YouTube. They offer revenue sharing programs for content creators and often work well if you upload volumes of shorter videos. Revver was at one point losing ground in the video content sharing competition between sites, although they have rebounded of late. They have recently been acquired and are in the process of reworking their business model. I have quite a volume of content with them and have never been disappointed with them.

Blip.tv- Blip.tv is still another option for video revenue sharing. They are an interesting hybrid of 50% Adsense revenue sharing and allowing to creators to sell sponsorships for the production of their own web TV series. Blip will also sell sponsorships for you and then share the revenues with you on a percentage basis. Their business model is different from YouTube and other video revenue sharing sites in that the site caters to the creators of series based web television shows, instead of viral content creators.

What do you need to do to make fast easy money with video for free? Grab a camcorder. Find your self some free video editing software. Select and open a free account on the video revenue sharing site of your choice, and make a short video. The first one is the toughest, and after that you will find that making videos for money is one of the best, cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to make residual income online ever.