It's possible to make fast money legally.

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Due to various circumstances, most people have looked for ways to make fast money at one point in their life. Although coming up with cash fast when you need it the most is not always easy, many times it is simply a matter of using your creativity and taking initiative. For example, people are often surprised to learn of money-making techniques that have helped others make fast money. 

1. Make fast money by dumpster diving. Although people used to look down on dumpster divers, today people often view dumpster diving as a smart concept due to an increased recycling awareness.  According to news reports, even some well-to-do individuals often pick up items that others have thrown away. They either use the items for themselves or pass them on to family members or friends who can benefit from them. By doing this, they help others save money and reduce unnecessary waste.

Why not use the recycling concept to help you generate fast money? Look for items that you can clean, repair or paint. People often throw away furniture pieces such as chairs, tables and headboards. Other things to look for include interior design items such as mirrors and wall art. 
Rather than throwing the items inside the dumpster, people often place their unwanted items by the dumpster because they know that others could benefit from them.  

If you choose this option to make some fast cash, you have multiple options to turn the items into cash:

  • Have a garage sale.
  • Post your items on craigslist, eBay or Amazon.  
  • Post any items you reinvent and craft items on

You are likely to find gently used items by the dumpsters at apartment complexes on the last weekend of each month. People who have to move out of their apartment often get rid of items that they cannot take with them. Moreover, renters who move into their new apartment might find that they cannot fit everything into their new place and resort to throwing out useful items. 

 Here are other options to consider when you need to make fast cash:

  • Dumpsters behind furniture and rent-to-own stores.
  • Dumpsters at self-storage locations.

2. Turn unwanted used appliances into fast money. For example, if you have an extra refrigerator that you do not need in your garage, sell it for some fast cash. Clean the fridge and plug it in to make sure that it still works. A top-mount refrigerator in decent condition could generate about $100, while a side-by-side with water and ice in the door can put anywhere from $150 to $200 in your pocket. How much fast money you make would depend on the unit’s condition, manufacturing date and its condition. 

3. Turn your unwanted clothing items into fast money. If you have clothes that you have not used in a while, why not use it to bring in some fast cash. Some people will sort the clothes by size and sell the items as a package. For example, if you have several tops and jeans of the same size, determine what would be a reasonable price for all the items and list them on eBay as a package. Some eBay sellers report having success with this money-making technique. Make sure your items are clean and in good condition before posting.

4. Sell your broken gold jewelry for fast money. This is one of the fastest ways to make money fast because all you have to do is take your jewelry to a gold buyer and walk out with cash in your hands. Keep in mind that if your jewelry has any gems or stones, you will not receive compensation for them, so you might want to remove them first. 

5. Turn curbside finds into fast money. Most neighborhoods have specific trash pick up days. If you can drive through various neighborhoods before the trash truck gets there, you might find some gently used items that you can pick up.

If you don’t know when trash pick up day is, do a search on the Internet, as many cities will post the trash pick up schedule. Enter the term “trash pick up schedules” followed by the name of the city. You should receive a list of zip codes in your city along with the trash pick up days. 

6. Generate fast money by going to garage sales and fleamarkets. Items to look for are appliances that you can clean and turn into cash. Other items that sell well are tools, exercise equipment and wrought iron and wicker furniture. Solid wood furniture, such as chairs, tables, stools and desks. 

The pointers outlined above are some ways that people have used to make fast money. If you don’t feel that these options are for you, use your creativity to come with something that will fit your personality. For instance, if dumpster diving is not for you, consider looking for finds at garage sales and flea markets. Another option is to purchase items at wholesale distributing locations and then sell them for a profit. Fortunately, when it comes to making fast money, the possibilities are endless. 

Tips and Warnings:
**Avoid get-rich-quick schemes. If you are already short on cash, you don’t need to waste your money on scams.


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