How to Make Fast Money With Scrap Gold

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You've heard of people who make money fast with scrap metal, but have you ever wondered how to make fast money with scrap gold? Turning your statched-away jewelry into fast cash could be easier than you realize. If you have gold items that you would like to turn into fast cash, you have multiple options.

Scrap Gold Sources

Go through your jewelry box, drawers and keepsake containers. Look for any broken pieces of jewelry, such as old watches and broken chains. Other examples of scrap gold could include the following: rings from former marriages, class rings, and old fashioned jewelry that you don't wear anymore. Why not sell your unwanted jewelry to help you make fast money?

Find a Scrap Gold Buyer

You have likely seen signs in your neighborhood that state: "We Buy Gold." Scrap-gold-buyer services are becoming very popular, so all you have to do is drive through your neighborhood to find a local gold buyer.

Another option is to search for a local gold buyer online. Enter the term "gold buyers" into your browser followed by your city. If you prefer the old fashioned way, look through your yellow pages.

Enter the term "gold buyers" into your browser to find an online buyer. If you choose an online buyer, research the online business before mailing in your jewelry. Contact the online buyer. The buyer will arrange to send you an insured envelope. Place your jewelry in the envelope and drop it in the mail.

Host a Gold Party and Make Fast Money

If you feel uncomfortable taking your items to a buyer or dealing with an online purchaser, turn your unwanted jewelry pieces into fast money right from the comfort of your own home. Gold parties are similar to Tupperware parties. Simply invite your friends and ask them to bring their unwanted gold jewelry. Invite a gold party representative as well. Look for a reputable gold party service online. Schedule a party and a representative will come to your home on the arranged time and date. Gold party representatives are trained to evaluate an item's gold quality. Expect the rep to weigh the item and pay you according to its weight. You will generally receive fast money for your gold right on the spot.

As you can see, turning scrap gold into fast money is a practical way to make extra cash to help with the mortgage or to splurge on yourself. If you choose to host a gold party, you can have fun with your friends while you make fast money.