Fighting games are widely popular. Dedicated players will try every game within the genre as they look for the next great game. Some people decide that the way to find the best fighting game is to create one themselves. Making fighting games can be challenging, especially to those with no game programming experience, but the possibilities for a new fighting game are limited only by the creator's mind.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection

Step 1

Mugen is a popular fighting game maker and game that is fully customizable. In Mugen, you create a character from scratch, frame by frame, and every move, frame by frame, or you can download characters by searching for characters online and tweak them. Even the lifebars, attack energy and stages can be handcrafted or downloaded online.

Step 2

Using flash programs such as Adobe Flash is another way non-programmers can make fighter games. Create characters, backgrounds and moves from scratch with cartoon stylish graphics or using photos.

Step 3

Game Maker is a flash style program that can make 2D Super Nintendo style fighting games. Create every character and background with their editor that is similar to Microsoft Paint. The possibilities of character creation are endless and a unique game can be created.

Step 4

Creating fighters in Fighter Maker 2 for the Playstation 2 game system is long, but it is the closest a person with no programming skills will have to making a full 3D fighting game. Making excellent characters in Fighter Maker 2 is possible, but it will take a lot of hours to create just one character. Only characters and and their moves can be created in the series, but nearly any possible character can be made. Frame by frame, any realistic or arcade move can be created.

Step 5

Creating a game from scratch is the hardest way to make a game, but the only way a user would have full control of how the game will play and look. Experienced programmers can do this, but the hours put into the game will still be very long. Every single part of the game can be created to your liking. If you want the health bars to be vertical instead of horizontal, it can be done. If you want to create a fighter that has two heads and breathes fire, you can do it. Making fighting games can take a while, but it is worthwhile.

Tips & Warnings

Start with an idea before making a fighter game. Having some sort of direction will help you create a fighting game quicker. Creating a fighting game is a long process. You likely will spend hundreds of hours creating just one fighting game.