File folder games are a great way to help your child practice new skills. You can make a file folder game to teach just about any skill from beginner to advanced. You can also use them to occupy your child while you are traveling or waiting at the doctor's office. Just slip a few into your bag and you have instant entertainment. You can easily make your own file folder games with a few supplies and a little bit of time.

Things You Will Need

File folder

Crayons or markers



Envelope or bag


Step 1

Make a copy or print out the game boards and pieces. Never cut out or color the originals or you won't be able to replace damaged or missing pieces. Print out or copy the game boards onto regular printer paper, but use heavy cardstock for the pieces.

Step 2

Color the game boards and pieces as desired. Use bright colors to keep your child interested. You can get your kids involved by letting them help you with this part. If the file folder game is on your computer, you can use a graphics program to color the pieces before you print them out.

Step 3

Trim any excess paper from around the game boards and glue them onto the inside of the file folder. Glue or write the file folder game labels and instructions for play onto the outside of the folder. Cut out the pieces from the card stock.

Step 4

Laminate the file folder game and pieces. Trim the excess laminate from around the file folder game and cut out the pieces. Leave a small border of laminate around all of the edges, so the laminate won't begin to peel away.

Step 5

Tape an envelope or zip-lock bag to the back of the folder to hold the pieces. Tape along the bottom and sides of the envelope or bag, leaving the top open. If you use an envelope, reinforce the top edges with tape so they don't tear when your child removes the pieces.


Tips & Warnings

*If the laminate begins to peel, cover the piece with a towel and use an iron to reseal it.

*You can go to most office supply or photo copy stores to laminate your file folder games. You could also try a teacher supply store.

*Call your local board of education to see if there is a teacher resource center close by. These centers often offer laminating for a very low cost.