Flying with kids is not something everyone enjoys. The actual flight is bad enough, but then there are additional things that you have to worry about like watching your brood at the airport so that they don't run off into the nearest toy shop and having the tickets ready. Co-ordinating times with everything else that you have to think about can be quite a nightmare.

flying with kids


Of course you can't forget about the bits and bobs that are going to keep your kids entertained during the flight. Passengers may shoot you a couple of dirty looks if your baby ends up crying the whole way through the flight.

This may be the least of your worries at the time, but being courteous and taking others into consideration is something that you should always think of. The last thing you want to do is pack your baby's favorite blankie or book in the wrong bag and find that there is not much you have with you amongst your hand luggage that is going to keep your toddler happy. Often a vacation like this can be turned into a little bit of a nightmare, but it shouldn't be that way, and you should be able to enjoy fun times with the whole family. The flight is not something that you should have to dread. You may also be thinking of the flight back again, and this can spoil the vacation as well.

10 Tips for Flying with Children

If you have never had a chance to sail over the ocean across the skies in a plane with your child, then you will want to be prepared in every way possible and this is where flying with kids tips come to good us.

  • Start out with coming with various forms of entertainment. This should include old time favorites, which would keep their mind off anything that is going to be unfamiliar to them. Obviously this would depend on the age, but something like a puzzle or a book or for older kids you could treat them with their favorite electronic game. This would bring on a smile and distract them from any nerves. This is the time to treat them in every way, and not to think - well it's not right to play games right now. It is only a couple of hours! This will just make things worse for you.
  • There will always be entertainment provided by the airline, which caters for kids as well. Something new will always interest kids. Things like movies and films, as well as animations are all part of the package. However, this shouldn't be the only thing that should be available to them and you have to play your part. There is always space for them to work, so you can bring play dough, coloring books and crayons, and just let them have fun.take off
  • The time of the flight is important, and this should be part of your preparation. When it is dark your child will most likely be able to sleep and this will be a relief to both you and many passengers around you.
  • Prepare kids before hand and brief them about what is going to be happening for the next couple of hours. They may be separated from you and so they have to be prepared for this. Make them know that they can trust the air hostesses around them. Some parents will tell a specific air hostess to look after their child to make sure they are looked after well.
  • Bring snacks with you. This is important because often airlines are held up with the food. This will also make kids go to sleep. Pack in something interesting that they can eat.
  • Come prepared with diapers and dummies as well as blankets. Those airline cushions are terribly uncomfortable so take something from home. Make sure your child is going to be comfortable as possible.
  • Safety is also a priority. Make sure of informing kids of ear plugs and if kids are too young then do this yourself. This could cause a lot of tears and pain in the process.
  • A baby under the age of two has the option of sitting on your lap, but the best thing is to buy a seat because you may have a lot less stress to deal with. This will probably just feel like the baby is in its car seat. Most strollers are allowed on as hand luggage. As long as it weighs under 20 pounds you are good to go and this is definitely recommended.
  • If you have a baby sitting on your lap and he or she turns two whilst on vacation then you will have to pay for a seat on the way back. Some airlines ask to see a birth certificate so keep this in mind.
  • Airlines are now becoming a little slack about seating families together and if you are seated a couple of rows behind your toddler this could be a big problem so to avoid this it is best to book early and make sure they make note that you all want to be seated together.
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Making sure your children are as comfortable as possible should be your number one priority. If they are in pain or uncomfortable, then you have not started off on the right foot. Ear plugs are definitely something that you should pack. You should also make sure these fit nice and snug before heading off to the airport.
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Make sure you are totally prepared for your journey ahead of you.
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Reading and looking at picture books is definitely going to distract your child's attention from any unfamiliar territory. Find books that you know your child is interested in, or bring along a few of their favorites.