Make Free iPhone Ringtones

If you have an iPhone, you may enjoy the phone's various features especially its music library. An iPhone have lots of songs once you browse its music library, but you can't make ringtones from all of the songs listed in there. However, some people especially the young ones, can easily create ringtones from any of their non-DRM songs in their iTunes library for free with a bit of craftiness although it's not also against the law.

This will also work on Mac and Windows PCs so actually, you don't have to pay for your ringtones if you have an iPhone. Making your own ringtones could be just easy and fun as you begin the simple task. This article will teach you how to make ringtones for your iPhone for free in two ways.

Things You Will Need

  • iPhone
  • Apple Computer with Garageband or any computer if you don't use Garageband
  • iTunes
  • Non-DRM song (may not be necessarily be purchased from the iTunes store)

Step 1

Open iTunes then look for the song to make into a ringtone. Start listening to your chosen song and select the part you want to use. You can begin writing down the start and stop times of the clip then right-click the song and choose "Get info."

Click the tab labeled as "Options" then begin typing in the start time of your ringtone. You can see the text box provided next to the "Start time" through its minutes: seconds (ex, 0:20) format.

Continue typing in the end time of your chosen ringtone in the text box provided next to "Stop Time." See to it that the ringtone will not exceed up to forty (40) seconds long before clicking "Ok".

Step 2

Right-click your song then choose "Convert Selection to AAC" and wait for your iTunes to convert your selected song because it will start to create a duplicate version. You may return it to the original song so that you can tell the difference by the runtime of each one then uncheck the start and stop time boxes.

By un-checking the boxes, it will allow the song to play its full version again. You can also drag and drop the AAC version of the song to your desktop then delete the AAC version from your iTunes library since you'll no longer have to keep this file.

Step 3

Right-click the ringtone then select "Delete" and click on the "Keep files" button. Look for the file that may be found in your User folder under "Music > iTunes > iTunes Music" usually under the band's name. It will contain an extension of m4a so replace this extension of your ringtone with an m4r.

Double-click it slowly when renaming your file, or you can opt to right-click by selecting "Rename" on a Windows PC or "Get info" on a Mac. You can also choose to drag the newly converted ringtone to your desktop from iTunes.

The file extension on your desktop could look this way: songname.m4a so by renaming the file, you may already view it this way: songname.m4r. You can drag this file on your desktop back to your iTunes. The song will be saved under your "Ring tones library". So by the time that you'll sync your iPhone, the ringtone will also come out under the ringtone options in your phone.

Step 4

Click "Use .m4r" (the new extension) or the PC equivalent if the system warns you that the change could affect the use of your chosen file. You can now double-click the ringtone file then iTunes will just add it to your ringtones folder from your iTunes Music Library automatically.

You can now connect your iPhone and sync your ringtones. If ever you'll have difficulty once you sync ringtones to your iPhone, just look for the ringtone in your Ringtones' folder and change the extension back to .m4a and sync it again because there might be dissimilarity to those accessible combinations when it comes to the operating system and iTune versions. You can now enjoy listening to your new ringtones.

Step 5

You may also choose Garageband, this is a program that provides users as a unique tool to make music on a computer. This program was introduced by Apple and by using this, you can create your own ringtones for your iPhone.

You will just download and install the latest update of GarageBand and after its installation, restart your computer. O
pen your iTunes library and select the song you want for your new ringtone. You also need to open GarageBand, then drag and drop the song from iTunes into a new track in GarageBand but don't forget to name and save it.

Look at the bottom of Garageband because you will see a "Cycle Region" button that will activate the region loop tool. You need to activate this and once it's activated, start
adjusting the length and section of the song as your ringtone. The maximum length is forty (40) seconds.

Drag the slider left or right if you start selecting any part of the song that you want to use as a ringtone. Once you're done, proceed
to the menu bar and click SHARE -> Send Ringtone to iTunes.
GarageBand will convert the song to the proper format and sync it to your iTunes library as a Ringtone automatically.

You can rename the ringtone and opt to
increase the volume to the maximum level. When your ringtone is in iTunes, just select it then click File -> Info -> Options. You can opt to drag the slider to the max and click "Ok" then you're done making your free iPhone ringtones
With the help of technology, consumers could make or create customized iPhone ringtones for free. You may no longer need to buy ringtones to hear via your iPhone and this is a great advantage that we are receiving from some of these mobile companies.

Tips & Warnings

You may not want a song that has a large sized clip. You may notice that the start and stop times about halfway down the info box. Select the times that correspond to the clip of the song that you want your ring tone to capture. You could select to make a few different clips so that you can choose the one you like best.

Some programs or software will not work with songs bought at the iTunes store or those that have DRM which contains copy protection. The best option could be by using a song that you converted from your own CD.

You could also opt to go visit reliable sites where you can use their free ringtone tool for your iTunes and sync it to iPhone. Choose those tech sites that will allow you to make, share and download free ringtones for your iPhone without subscriptions or hidden fees involved.