Do you love the taste of fresh ground coffee?  I used to love going to cafes because their coffee tasted better than when I would try to make my own at home.  Yet their beverages more expensive than wholesale flavored coffee my coworkers brewed at home and it wasn’t always consistent in the shops either.  Finally I figured out the key to a consistently fresh ground coffee taste: grinding whole coffee beans myself.  This article will tell you how. 

Clean your coffee machine.  Pour a cup of vinegar into the pot and then fill the rest with water.  Turn the coffee maker on and let it brew (with no beans in it yet, of course).  Once you’ve brewed this solution pour it out and brew a pot of water through twice in order to rinse the vinegar out.  It’s important to start with a clean percolator in order to get the best flavor from your fresh ground coffee.

Grind the whole coffee beans.  I got a cheap coffee grinder that’s compact and simple to use.  I plug it in, pour in the whole coffee beans, and lightly press the top to turn it on.  I hold the top down for about 10 seconds (for 2 to 4 cups of coffee).  It cost $15, so it paid for itself in a month once was able to make better fresh ground coffee than the shops I used to go to every morning! 

Dump the fresh ground coffee into your coffee machine after you put in a filter if your machine requires one.  My home coffee machine actually has a reusable wire filter that I simply empty and rinse out.  This saves me money on filters and it's better for the environment.   

How to Make Fresh Ground CoffeeCredit: Refracted Momentsâ„¢Pour filtered water into your coffee machine.  You can get filtered water using an attachment to your faucet, for under $30, such as a Culligan FM-15A Level 3 Faucet Filter or an Aqua water filter, or you can use a pitcher with a carbon insert such as Brita, or if you have bottled water home delivery this water is already filtered.  Any of these methods will improve the flavor of your beverage.  Don’t simply use water from your tap.

Serve your fresh ground coffee however you prefer, with milk, creamer, sugar, low calorie sweetener, flavored powders, or syrups.  A few household ingredients to try in your drink are chicory, cinnamon, a drop of vanilla extract, or a drop of almond extract.  And that’s all there is to using whole coffee beans to make great fresh ground coffee!  Enjoy!