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Worried about how to make friends in college?


You made it. You have been accepted to college, sharpened your pencils, and now you are sitting in your dorm wondering what to do next. Making friends during your first year sounds like a daunting task, but but it is much easier than it sounds. Below are some tips to making friends during your first year.


1. Sit down with people you don’t know at the dining hall. Although the thought of it may make you want to eat inside that high school toilet stall you got to know too well, talking to people who are eating in college is typically safer than it was in high school. After all, everyone knows Regina George could not have made it to college anyway.


Tips: Make sure you sit next to people who have just began eating so they won’t get up before you. You will find that some students are very friendly while others carry on their conversations with their friends, but sitting next to people will give you the opportunity to make lifelong friends.


2. Get to know your floormates. In college, some floormates are as close as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, while others are as “close” as the Gossip Girl characters on their periods. Either way, you’re bound to make friends with somebody that shares the same living quarters as you.


Tips: Keep your door open when you are feeling social, because others will take it as an invitation to come introduce themselves. Do not feel bad if people do not come in right away or if you have trouble meeting your floormates, you are bound to meet friends all over campus.


3. Join a club. More than likely, there will be several clubs at your new school, ranging from Pokemon Trainers Group to Paranormal Society. At least a few clubs will catch your attention. Bring your will to learn something new and check out a club or two!


Tips: Join one thing you’re familiar with and love, such as gaming club, and join one thing you are not familiar with and learn something new, whether it is rollerblading club or skydiving lessons.



4. Sit next to people in class. In many colleges, students will seclude themselves in the corners of lecture halls collecting dust and befriending spiders. Do not be that person. Making friends in class is important. Whether you need to borrow somebody’s plant life textbook or just enjoy the minutes before class starts, it will be worth your while to plop down next to someone who looks prepared and introduce yourself. Besides, if you need a partner on an assignment, this will save you from breaking through your cobwebs and eyeing potential partners like flies.


Tips: Sit near the front and center. This is typically where the most prepared students sit. Not only will you make friends with more prepared students, but you will likely pay better attention yourself.



5. Don’t let homesickness attack. Sure, you may miss your significant other, snuggling with your cat, or the smell of mom’s chocolate chip cookies baking, but don’t let that keep you from missing out on new experiences. Don’t live your life in your dorm with your Dad’s face on Skype next to your homework or with your phone glued to your face telling Timmy how much you love him. After all, 30 years from now, you’ll remember the friendships you made in college, not the calls home.

Tips: It’s normal to be homesick, but don’t let it wreck your first year of college. Stay in touch at home, but don’t let it get to the point that it interferes with completing your Basket-weaving degree.



Rodriguez, Andres. Happy Group of Friends Running Outdoors Having Fun. N.d. Photograph. N.p.