If you want to make a nice treat for a Halloween party, or pass out something that is a little more interesting to the trick-or-treater's, then this project is for you!

Things You Will Need

You will need:


Tissue Paper Squares or Kleenex Squares

Clear bead string

Some extra hands!

An empty bowl

Black Markers


Step 1

Start out by dumping your plain suckers onto the floor or table where you will be working. You will also need your plain tissue or kleenex flattened in a pile. If you have bought large sheets of tissue paper-cut the paper into about 6'' x 6'' squares. Lastly, lay your string, markers, and scissors nearby.

Step 2

After all of your supplies are ready you can start creating this fun craft!

Begin by taking a single piece of tissue in one hand and a single sucker in the other hand. Place the candy end of the sucker in the middle of the tissue square (carfully-so the tissue does not rip!) and turn the sucker right-side-up while holding the tissue around the bottom of the sucker.

Step 3

Now take a piece of string and tie it around the sucker stick, right below the sucker. Leave the excess tissue paper hang down.

Step 4

Lastly, take your black marker and draw two black circles for the ghost's eyes and a black whole for the ghost's mouth!! After you are finished put your ghost in the empty bowl and it's ready to be passed out!

If you want to be more creative with this project, try using black and orange tissue paper with a silver marker for the faces. You could even used colored ribbon to tie the ghosts up with, and draw different faces on all of the suckers!!

*Read how you can use this idea here*

Tips & Warnings

This is a GREAT project for kids along with their parents help!