Perfect Halloween Oreo Spider CookiesHalloween cookies are a great addition to any Halloween party. Not only are they a great and tasty treat but if made right they can also serve as great Halloween decorations being as they are both festive and fun! Not only are Halloween cookies great for parties and decorations but they can also be really fun and entertaining crafts for kid's during Halloween.

If you are looking for no-bake, simple, yet festive cookies than look no further! An all time favorite Halloween treat that is sure to be an easy fix and a big hit is Oreo spider cookies! There are a few different ways that Oreo spider cookies can be made. Some recipe's call for pretzel's other recipe's suggest using all frosting for filling, etc.. The following recipe is unlike most in that is the truest to a spider and still allows the cookies to taste like Oreo's.

Follow these simple step's to make your own great Halloween Oreo spider cookies:

You will need the following item's:

~White Frosting
~Brachs Cinnamon Imperials (Little red dot like candies)
~Black Licorice
~Food Coloring (If you want any color filling other than white)
~Kitchen Scissors
~Small Plastic Bowl
~Small Knife

1)The first thing you will want to do is line your table with wax paper so that when your done you can just roll up the wax paper for easy cleaning!

2)Cut the spider legs for your cookies! With your kitchen scissors cut the end's off of the licorice, then cut the licorice into three separate pieces. They don't have to be precise but for a rough estimate I'd say each separate piece will be around 2 1/2" as long as you cut it in 3 equal part's it will be fine.
Now the smaller pieces lengthwise until they are thin enough to be spider legs. Each small section will usually make around 5 legs if cut right. One licorice will make enough for at least 2 Oreo spider cookies so judge how many pieces of licorice you will need in order to have enough legs for the desired amount of cookies.. For 25 cookies you'll need to cut around 11 total strands. Some people use pretzels for the legs, this is an easier option but it kind of makes the cookie look like a sun rather than a spider.

3)Twist off the top of the Oreo's. A few might break just set them aside. Using a kitchen knife scrape off Oreo cookie stuffing and place into a small plastic bowl.

4)The reason most Halloween Oreo spider cookies don't taste like Oreo's is because frosting usually replaces the stuffing. This is done so that everything will stick together but there is another creative way to get all the pieces to stay put and have the cookies still taste like Oreo's.
Simply mash and mix the Oreo cookie stuffing that you set aside in the bowl from the previous step. In order to make it be able to hold all the pieces together you are going to mix in a little less than a tablespoon of frosting per 6 cookie stuffing's. You will be able to tell by the texture when you have enough frosting. You don't need too much, remember the point is to keep the cookies tasting like Oreo's.
For colored stuffing you could add food die to the frosting.
If you would like orange stuffing from the Halloween themed Oreo's simply use the orange stuffing and mix it with frosting that you have dyed orange.

5)Using the cookies you previously removed the stuffing from take a small knife or spoon spread a small amount of the stuffing mixture onto the bottom half of the cookie. You don't want to use to much or else the stuffing will end up coming out the sides when you press the top half of the cookie on.. Make sure to place a bit more filling on the edge of the cookie where you will place the eyes.
On the top half of the Oreo cookie you scraped out you will want to put a small amount of frosting straight down the middle. You only need enough to allow the two halves to connect and stick No Bake Cookiestogether. Keep the two halves separated until you have placed the eyes and legs where they need to be.

6)Place the eye's and legs! Push the licorice spider legs into the frosting on the bottom half of the cookie, you will place three legs on each side. The tips of the legs should touch at the middle portion of the cookie. The legs will most likely look very long all you need to do is take your kitchen scissors and cut the licorice to the desired length. Next, place the eyes towards the edge of the cooking making sure to press down enough into the frosting so they will not fall out but not too much where they look buried and surrounded by stuffing.

7) Place the top half of the cookie on the body of the spider you just created with the bottom half, press down slightly.

Cream Filled Oreo Spider CookiesThere you have it! Your very own Halloween Oreo spider cookies! Enjoy your festive holiday treats!

Happy Halloween!