Old Traditions

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Halloween is all about the decorations, costumes, and candies.  We live in a consumer driven world and there is a big market in October for Halloween Holiday products, but that doesn't mean it is a bad thing.  Halloween decorations are as old as the holiday itself.  

Decorations such as a pumpkin have been around since the holiday was known as Samhain.  That goes back to the Dark Ages and a time when superstitions were ripe througout Europe.

The Holiday is meant to celebrate gaudy decorations and tacky clothing, but what if you were to make decorations that would really scare people?  Anyone can go to a Walmart and buy a pack of spiderweb to hang up in their front yard, but you can build something with everyday household items that may actually frighten the trick or treaters.  This article will explore how you can build horrific decorations that will frighten anyone who dares to come to your house for a piece of candy.  

Exploding Straw Man

How to build:  The Exploding Straw Man

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The Exploding Straw Man is going to be one the most horrific decorations in your Halloween armory and it is not hard to make.  To be clear this isn't going to be your usual straw man either (pictured above), but an exploding straw man.  Don't worry it won't hurt anyone and it isn't going to explode in the manner your thinking.  It is safe.  

Step One

  • Your going to want to go to the local farmer's market and get a bale of hay.  This hay bale will be the building block for the straw man.  Also, get a watermelon.  
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Step Two

  • Next you are going to get some old clothes, something you would take to the Good Will.  These are clothes that you will not be using again.  

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Step Three


  • Now you are going to use the hay.  Stuff it into the clothes and then use some rope to tie the torso to the legs.  You don't need shoes.  Do not put a head on it, as this is the "exploding" part.  

Step Four

  • Now that you have your torso and legs tied together you are going to want to attach a head.  The head is going to be the watermelon that I told you to buy at the farmer's market in step one.  
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Step Five

  • Okay now take the melon and get a knife.  Cut off the top of the watermelon (do not destroy it) and suck all of the melon and seeds out of it.  Use a spoon to get rid of all the actual "melon" on the inside of it.  

Step Six

  • Now you are going to need to get some fake blood.  You can go to the nearest party city to get this.  Here is a link to the product.[1]  You can get two pints for about fourteen dollars.  

Fake BloodCredit: Google Images

Step Seven

  • Okay now you are going to take your two pints of blood and pour it into the watermelon that you have drained of "melon" and then seal the top of the belon back.  Use some tape so you can firmly meld the top of the melon back together.  Afterwards, use some rope to actually attach the top of the melon to the body of the hay man you constructed.  If the rope doesn't work than use a roll of duct tape so you can duct tape the watermelon to the torso.  

Step Eight

  • Now take your hay man to the roof of your house and place it on the edge.  Make sure before you put it on the roof you get a string and attach it to the leg of the hay man.  

Exploding Conclusion 


When the trick or treaters come you can pull the string you attached to the leg.  This will cause the entire body to slide off the roof and hit the pavement or walk way to your house.  The melon will explode fake blood all over the trick or treaters.



You can only do this one time.  The watermelon full of fake blodo will explode.  When it explodes, it can't be used again.  So choose your targets carefully.  

Creating the Perfect Slender Man

Building the Slender Man 


To build the perfect Slender Man you are going to need some materials.  These can be found in your house.  You are going to need a volley ball, a business suit, and some string.  

Step One

Find an old buiness suit.  You will be able to use this again, but just in case make sure it is an old one.  

Business SuitCredit: Google Images

So now that you have found your business suit you are ready for step two.  

Step Two

Take a volley ball and wrap the ball in an old sheet.  This will make the volleyball look pure white and get rid of the lines on the ball.  Take the ball (wraped in the sheet) and use clear tape so that you can take the sheet around the ball (without anyone noticing there is tape on it).  

Step Three

Take a glow stick and saw the top off.  Then take the liquid inside and pour it into a bowl.  Take a brush and gently apply the liquid on the sheet (wrapped around the volleyball).  Get the glow stick from this source.[2]  

Glow StickCredit: Google Images

Step Four

Take a white rope and tie it around the sheet.  Then take it outside and hang it from a tree.  

TreeCredit: Google Images


Step Five

Take a clothes hanger and stab it through the sheet.  Then hang your business suit from it. 

Step Six

Take a white scarf and wrap it around the top of the suit so it covers the empty gap that is between the sheet (ball) and the clothes hanger.  

Slender Man conclusion

If you did the steps correctly you will have a sheet wraping around a ball to give the apperance of a head.  The rope should be tied tightly around a branch this will make sure the ball and sheet remain hanging.  The hanger should be firmly planted in the sheet so it remains hanging from the tree and the scarf should cover the gap.  The glowstick essence that you smeared on the sheet will allow the sheet to glow in the dark.  This way your victims will see a glowing Slender Man hanging from a tree.  If you really want to be bold you will smear essense on the entire business suit so the entire thing is glowing in the dark.  

Final Thoughts

Your Slender Man and Exploding Straw Man decorations are sure to scare any visitors that come to your house, but remember the straw man can only be used once.  It is also going to require that you go outside to pull the rope.  I recommend that you use this one on your family or friends.  It may scare little children too much!  Good luck and let's bring the scare back to Halloween!