Does the term healthy french fries sound like an oxymoron to you? The words french fries are often associated with the adjectives greasy and salty, but not with healthy. French fries can shed this bad reputation, though. There are actually some steps you can take to turn unhealthily prepared potatoes into healthy french fries. With some experimentation, taste does not have to be sacrificed.

Make healthy french fries by not frying them.

Agreed, french fries that aren't fried has a strange sound to it. But fried foods are higher in fat that non-fried ones. So if you are making homemade ones then try baking them to make healthy fries. This is actually a very simple process. Clean and cut several potatoes into wedges. Then coat in a bit of olive oil. Add spices to taste such as onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, or a bit of salt. Bake these healthy fries in an oven that has been preheated to 425 degrees farenheit to 450 degrees farenheit, depending on your oven. The thicker your potato wedges the longer the cooking time. But these delicious and healthy french fries should be cooked all the way through in around 45 minutes.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of making healthy french fries from scratch then don't. Instead take frozen fries out of your freezer and bake them. Just follow the baking instructions on the bag. Once the fries are done then season them and enjoy.

Just say no to salt to eat healthy french fries.

This one can be tough. Salt makes fries taste so delicious. But sodium should be consumed in small amounts each day. So try kicking the salt habit so that you can consume healthy french fries. Over time, it is possible to acquire the taste of food without salt.

You do not even have to make your own fries to get them salt free. The next time that you place your order at a fast food restaurant order your fries without salt on them. Now this will not qualify them as "healthy french fries" because they will still probably be deep fried. However, the side dish will be healthier. And that's a start.

So, it is possible to make your own healthy french fries. Just a few minutes of prep time can produce some delicious spuds. Or if you are away from home, you can at least eat healthier fries by cutting out the salt.