Why does Windows 7 Hide Folders and Files

Enabling hidden folders and files in windows 7 is not as easy as enabling them in the older windows operating system. Usually in XP all you would have had to do was open a window and go to “Tools” then “Folder Options” then the “View” tab and choose “Show hidden files and folders” then hit okay. That was about it. But in windows 7 the path is not the same, Microsoft designed Windows 7 totally different from its predecessors. What was the norm was totally changed.

Hiding Folders in Windows

The reason why Microsoft has hidden certain files and folders is that a lot of those files and folders are system folders and files. These can control important functions of the operating system as well as other software. They figure that by hiding the folders and files from view will prevent the home user from causing major problems to their computer or laptop. I think it does work well because the majority of people will not even think about having files hidden from them.

Finding Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 7

Now that we understand the reason why MS prevents showing hidden files and folders lets continue to the next step which is finding the hidden files on windows7. Now I’m going to show you what you will need to do in order to display hidden files and folders.

Let’s begin:

   In order to begin you will need to be in the Desktop. That’s the screen in front of you with the icons and such. Now you will go to the windows flag on the bottom left hand corner and click on it.

  After you have click on the Windows flag icon on the bottom the windows 7 menu will come up. From here you will need to scroll and choose “Control Panel”

   The Control Panel window will open and from that window you will look up to the right hand side of the window where it says “View By” right now it should say “Category” you do not want this view because it is limited and the folder that we need is not there. You will need to hit the down arrowhead next to “Category” and a list will pop up. On that list you will have “CATEGORY”, “LARGE ICONS”, “SMALL ICONS” you will choose “SMALL ICONS” from this list. After you did this another window will open up and you will have a bunch of icons.

  From the window you will look for the icon “FOLDER OPTIONS” and click it.

   A small window will open from there you will need to click on the “VIEW” tab on top of the window

   After the “VIEW” tab is clicked you will need to choose “SHOW HIDDEN FILES, FOLDERS AND DRIVES”

  Hit “APPLY” button on the bottom of this window then hit the “OK” button and that’s it!

Displaying the Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7

From here on you will have access to all the folders and files on your computer and or laptop, so in case you have or get into trouble you will be able to find any files or folders you may need to work on. I hope this helps and I will try to continue to make more how-to’s on computers and laptops.