Amaretto in a glass

Just like you can buy at the liquor store only better, because you make it yourself. Less costly too. Basic ingredients that are easy to find. Not very hard to make, just needs to be made about 2 weeks before you plan on serving. Makes a great gift for the Amaretto lover on your gift list.

Things you'll need:

4- quarts water
7- cups white granulated sugar

1- cup dark Karo syrup

2- tablespoons freeze dried coffee
2- ounces pure vanilla extract
6- ounces pure almond extract
1 -fifth of golden grain alcohol or high proof vodka
glass bottles that can be sealed tight
large cooking pot


In the large pot combine the 4 quarts water, the sugar, and the dark Karo syrup. Bring to a boil and boil hard uncovered for 50 minutes. Stir the mixture often so it will not stick.

Step 2...
While still warm, but not boiling, add the 2 tablespoons of freeze dried coffee. Stir mixture until completely dissolved.

Step 3...
Cool this mixture until it reaches room temperature. Will take quite a while.

Step 4...
Now you are ready to add the flavorings.

Add the 2 ounces of vanilla extract and 6 ounces of almond extract.

Stir well, add the one fifth of golden grain alcohol or vodka which ever you choose. Stir well again.

Pour into bottles. Close to seal and store in a cool dark place. Like inside a kitchen cupboard or closet. If you can't do that, enclose the bottle in a brown paper bag, secure with a rubber band. Just so light does not get to it. About once every day or so, kind of shake it a little. Just to blend. Keep covered and in a dark place for two weeks. Ready to open and serve at that time.

Tip: Use a colored bottle, if possible.