Making your own homemade earrings is a great way to have fun and show off your creativity.  But just how do you make them look glossy and professional and basically not homemade looking?  The trick is to use a high gloss glaze.

You can get almost all of your earring supplies at craft stores but if your budget is tight, you can also check out most larger discount stores such as Wal-mart or Amazon online.  They both carry lots of earring making supplies that are affordable.  But you can also check out garage sales and other discount stores to gather supplies


These particular earrings I made, I made from light weight wood.  These are purchased wooden shapes that are sold in craft stores, online, or at hardware stores.  You can use any shape you want, or even cut your own shapes from wood.  Homemade Earrings from Wood

But the trick is to use a good high gloss glaze.  I can totally recommend the DecoArt (Amazon Ads on this page).  It is hard for it to show in the pictures, but when you use it for the first time, you will see the perfect glossy finish it will give your pieces.

This is not just for jewelry, but you can use it on most of your craft projects, but I save it to use on my small projects such as jewelry as it is only in a 8 ounce container.  Now they say for you to brush it on, which works well and there is no brush marks, but I have also dipped it in the jar for a great finish.

What you will need:

To make your homemade earrings, you will need some tiny wooden shapes.  I used the square pieces that were approximately 3/4 inch in diamenter.

Acrylic Paints

Fine artist brushes

Drill and drill bit (this all depends on the style of earring hardware you get, with my project, I was able to pre-drill a tiny hole in the thickness of the wood and screw in the "eye hook" holder on the top of the earring, rather than through it.)

Earring backings, I used the "hook" style ones for this project (you can usually get a few of them in a package.  just make sure you get ones that are good for your ears.  Surgical steel are the most common)

Toothpick (to keep the hole open after glazing and to help suspend them while they dry, optional)




Once the piece has dried you can now assemble your earring backings or hooks.  Just follow the package instructions.

Now you have your own wearable art.  These make great gift ideas for friends and family, or you could get really creative and sell them.

DecoArt Glaze works well on any wood products that I have created.  You could get a similar finish from a high gloss varnish, but you would need many many coats to achieve the same look as this gloss gives to your projects in one coat.

It is perfect for jewelry and any small object.  Another great project to use this product on is paper beads.

You basically take fancy paper, such as magazine pages or patterned paper, and you create triangles from a page.  The bottom of the triangle will basically give you the width of your bead, so this can be your guide. 

You then take white glue mixed with a little water and spread it on one side of the triangle then roll it up in a tooth pick for a small bead hole or a pencil for a larger one.  Once dry you can then dip them in this gloss or brush it on, and you will have the look of a quality porcelain bead.

There are many projects you can use this for, and the part I like the most is the thickness of the glaze without compromising your artwork underneath and the fact that it does not yellow any of your whites the same way a oil based varnish would.

Now you can't use this product outside, or on things that will get washed, such as buttons etc.  But for homemade earrings and other pieces of jewelry it works great.  You can check out my homemade pendant necklace to see other ideas to show off your wearable art.

When purchasing the hardware necessary for your homemade jewelry, don't forget to visit estate sales, as well as flea markets etc, you can sometimes take apart old broken jewelry for some really original looking pieces.  You can simply replace the part of the earring that goes through your ear. 

You can also get backings for non pierced ears, these homemade earrings don't always have to be for pierced ears.

You can get the glaze at most craft and hobby stores, but you can also get it online at sites such as Amazon and other art supplies sites.  It can be nice to simply order it and have it delivered to your door.

By painting on small wooden pieces, or decoupaging or whatever your talent is, you can produce wearable art, that is one of a kind and is sure to draw some attention.



Drill a tiny hole near the top of your wood piece for the earring wire or loop or eye hook in top.

Take your tiny wooden pieces, and paint or draw or whatever your creative hand would like to do.  Remember these are your wearable works of art.  I tried to do both pieces similar, but you can do whatever you want.

After painting and letting them dry, place the toothpick in the hole.  Now this is where it can get tricky, but you now basically brush on the triple thick glaze.  Follow the instructions on the jar.  I dipped a piece before in the jar too, but brushing works well and it does not leave brush marks. It all depends on the style of earrings you are making.

Now I basically pushed the toothpick into a piece of floral foam to let the piece dry.  You want to make sure it is completely covered, front and back. 

The DecoArt Triple Thick gloss glaze, in my opinion, is an amazing product.  It will give your piece the look of lots of coats of varnish, as well as the clear shiny finish of porcelain.  The shine does not show up as well in the picture, but you will not be disappointed by this product.