These homemade baby blocks are the perfect toy for baby. They are soft and can be personalized with different textures, colors, sounds, or anything you choose. I made them as a gift for a new baby, but my 14 month old twins loved playing with them before I mailed them. I chose to put the letters of the alphabet on the blocks, but you could also appliqué, stencil or add anything you want. These blocks are about 4 inches in every direction, but you can easily adapt these directions and make them whatever size you want.

Things You Will Need

Fabric - The fabric you choose can range from all black and whites to patterns and colors. I chose to use many different colors and textures. You will need 6 squares that are 5" x 5" for every block. Figure you need just under a 1/4 yard of fabric for each block. The material should be washed an ironed prior to using.

Thread - It is easy to choose one color thread and stick with it. I chose an off white color

Sewing Needle

Sewing Machine - While you can make these by hand, it is much faster to use a sewing machine

Stuffing - Stick to hypoallergenic for baby

Additional materials - You can add large bells, paper to make the block crackle, ribbon to make tags, felt to make letters, or anything else you can think of.

Step 1

Decide how many blocks you are going to make and cut 6 5" x 5" squares for each block.

Step 2

Cut out the letters of the alphabet using felt. I cut out 3" x 3" squares and cut each letter out of one of these squares.

Step 3


Using the sewing machine, sew the letters onto the block squares. Put each letter on with two sets of parallel stitches.

Step 4

baby blocks

Sew the 6 squares for each block together. While the squares can still lay out flat, iron each block. This helps to smooth the edges and make the block more square. If you are going to add ribbon to make tags, you can cut some small pieces, fold them in half and sew them into the seams.

Step 5

right side

Form a cube with the good side facing in and sew all the edges together, leaving a small gap. Use this gap to turn the block right side out.

Step 6

Fill the cube with stuffing. If you choose to put in bells or other devices, do it now.

Step 7

lots of blocks

Sew the hole up by folding the rough edges under. You can do this by hand or with the machine.


Tips & Warnings

What to do with the blocks

Stack them

Sort them

Make a mobile out of them

Use them as Decoration

Keep them available to encourage baby to test their senses.

Give them to your baby and see what happens