This article will focus on making hyper cubes for Bejeweled. If you are interested in learning about the game, refer to my How to Play Bejeweled 2 article. If you are interested in learning about specific strategies to get a high score in the game, refer to my How to Win at Bejeweled 2 article.

In order to create a hyper cube you either get lucky and have 5 jewels match in a row as they drop from a chain reaction matching, or you have to create them on the board. A potential hyper cube will always have this five-gem pattern – two matching gems on one end with a non-matching gem in the middle with two more matching gems of the same colour as the first pair on the other end. There are two directions of the potential hyper cubes – horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal hyper cube patterns

I find horizontal patterns to be very difficult to maintain unless the center matching cube is readily available. The problem is in order to maintain it, you have to leave anything below the 4 rows which have the matching gems alone. If this pattern is near the top of the board, almost half of the board is inaccessible for moves if you want to maintain the pattern. That really puts you as a disadvantage, especially if you are playing a timed game.

The key to matching this hyper cube is to get as many vertical matches in the center row as possible to try to realign it so that a matching jewel hopefully comes into play. Once you start to run out of moves without affecting the setup, you might as well just play as if the match does not exist since it just takes too much time to set this one up right if the center row doesn't provide you with what you need.

Vertical hyper cube patterns

Vertical patterns are much easier to deal with since you are only keeping one column intact and it is relatively easy to switch neighbouring jewels in order to get a jewel that will complete the hyper cube. Therefore you want to set your game up to get as many vertical possibilities as possible. Avoid making matches at the top of the board when two jewels of the same colour exist vertically because you never know if the right combination of jewels will fall to make a hyper cube or a possibility of one.

Sometimes you have a decision to make if the center jewel has the potential to be matched without being switched. In that case you create a power gem from a chain reaction and that can build up a lot of points. Generally, I go for that as the "safe" play of the board, particularly if there are other power gems in the vicinity which can be used to make a chain reaction explosion.

These are my tips on how to make hyper cubes.

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