Rather than inconvenience yourself with a long drive out to your nearest Dunkin' Donuts, Starbuck's, Wawa, or McDonald's, the delectable joys of a thirst quenching iced coffee can easily and expeditiously be had at your own home with little time or effort. While some may still choose their hot coffee beverage counterpart, in the Summer months nothing beats a smooth iced coffee as a welcomed treat during a break from or work or while lounging out by your pool. Take the following steps, in this Info Barrel article, to create you very own, top-notch, thirst quenching, iced coffee from the luxury of your own home.

Things You Will Need

  • Pitcher for Iced Coffee
  • Coffee Grounds (Dark Roasted)
  • Sweetener (Sugar/etc)
  • Coffee Maker
  • Iced (Crushed or Whole)
  • Glass (10-12 oz.)
  • Milk
  • Water

Step 1

An auto drip coffee brewing machine is among the most popular used when most people brew their own coffee from the comfort of their home. Rather than resort to more complicated methodologies, simply using your auto drip coffee making machine can still produce a quality final product that is fully deserving of your delectable consumption. In this step, if you are familiar with making coffee already, you should go ahead and do what you normally do to brew your coffee. If you are unfamiliar, you will need a coffee filter, water and the coffee grinds of your choosing. Because some auto drip coffee brewing machines are slightly different in operation and functionality than others, it would be best to look at the instructions presented with regards to how to actually brew coffee with your specific coffee brewing machine.

Step 2

In this step, upon completion of actually brewing your coffee, you should pour it into a chilled pitcher. Prior to brewing your coffee, you should place this empty pitcher, in your refrigerator, only to be used when you finish brewing your coffee. Because of the chilled nature of this pitcher, your final coffee brewed product will immediately be cooled off. In this case, a glass pitcher would be preferred, however, you can still use a plastic pitcher, if need be. Upon direct contact with the chilled pitcher, your coffee will cool down quite quickly.

Step 3

Cooling off your brewed coffee is necessary with just a cooled pitcher, as opposed to a pitcher that is filled with ice. In order to avoid immediately melting any ice, you will now want to place ice in a chilled glass, of which your coffee will be poured into directly from your pitcher. In this step, you do not want to pour your hot coffee directly into a glass that has ice in it. Doing so will quickly and expeditiously melt the ice and cause your delectable iced coffee treat to become "water down" to the point of being unpleasant tasting. Ideally, you will want to do everything you can to minimize the possibility of your ice melting prematurely. Not only will your ice provide a nice aesthetic appearance, but, oftentimes, people enjoy sucking on the ice cubes after they finish their iced coffee.

Step 4

The ice that you use in your iced coffee can certainly take many forms, dependent on your preference. Coffee places, like Dunkin' Donuts, have been known to use both iced cubes as well as a more crushed ice with a consistency suitable for a slurpie nature. Either will do just fine and will provide you with an outstanding, thirst-quenching summer treat.

Step 5

Just like your were preparing a hot cup of coffee, you can now proceed to add milk and/or sugar, stir, and taste to see if it is to your liking.

Tips & Warnings

Some have said that they don't like to wait for their coffee to cool. As was recommended in another article of mine, one may consider making their coffee double strength, in order to offset the liquidity and saturation produced by your ice melting upon coming into contact with the steaming hotness of your coffee.

Instead of using sugar, some have also recommended using sweet condensed milk in their iced coffee. This will cause a coffee to actually taste creamier, which is akin to what one would encounter being served at a Vietnamese restaurant.

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