Want to carry the scent of fresh lavender, roses, and flowers into the fall and winter months? Linen water can be made and stored for several months and used to refresh bed linens in the cold winter months. It takes very little time to make the linen water and think how wonderful it will be picking the various flowers for this project. These refreshing waters make excellent Mother's Day gifts or an unusual party favor gift. The scented water can also be used for ironing sheets, pillow cases and certain clothing.

Things You Will Need

Fresh flowers such as:

1/2 Cup lavender or

1 Cup fresh rose petals or

1 Cup Chamomile or

1/2 to 1 Cup orange blossoms


Fine mesh strainer

Spray bottles of different shapes or sizes

or decorative bottles

Step 1

Pick flowers in the morning when the flowers are at their freshest peek. Remove petals from the stems. It is rather hard to pack a measuring cup with rose petals so guessing at the amount is fine.

Step 2

Place petals and 2 cups water in a pan and bring to a boil. Simmer 1 minute, after simmering, remove pan from the heat and cover pan with a lid.

Step 3

Let the mixture steep for 12 hours or overnight. Strain into a large measuring cup that is used for liquids then pour into spray bottles. Mixture is ready to be used and can be sprayed onto bed linens to refresh them.

This would be a great project for the kids to do during the summer months. Good quality time will be spent with the kids picking the flowers and making the linen water. This might also encourage kids to appreciate nature better.

Tips & Warnings

Experiment with mixtures of flowers or use a single type of flower for this project.

Remember that lavender is a strong scented flower and 1/2 cup should be enough but 1 cup can be used. Linen water makes excellent gifts for mother's day or birthdays and party favors too. Include directions on how to use the linen water and what type of spray bottles to use.

Read labels first before applying scented water to the material. Some material should not become wet due to water spots that won't go away.