Long Distance RelationshipsMost people may equate long distance relationships to failure because it's full of twists and turns, not to mention the emotional and financial stress involved. Absence, often times don't make the heart grow fonder. But I know we all can agree that long distance relationship can have a happy ending too if the right amount of everything is put into it.

COMMUNICATION. Right amount of communication is needed to established emotional connection and share feelings in order to defy the distance between you and your love one. I do not need to enumerate the different ways that technology can offer to aid in communication. What's important to note though is that you need to schedule when to talk on a regular basis especially if the other one is living on a different time zone. Physical intimacy is very limited so you need to be creative to make sure every moment is not dull and boring. Webcam and video phone provides a good visual and can even be pushed to the next level if both of you agrees. If at all possible, avoid using emails or chat when resolving conflicts because these methods often imparts a different tone and emotion other than intended which can be easily misunderstood by the person on the other end.

TRUST AND SECURITY LEVEL. Long distance relationship is not a normal relationship and both of you should recognize this even before making a commitment to enter in one. Since it is not normal, the right amount of trust and security that both of you have to put up in order to make it work should also be at a higher level. Understand that there will be times that the other person will not always be available or able to return your call in a timely fashion. Understand that both of you should maintain your social activity and enjoy life. Being suspicious and jealous is unhealthy for the relationship. However, this does not mean you will become totally naive of the obvious. I would suggest to minimize going out with singles of opposite sex even when in group since this only adds up to temptations. Long distance relationship involves sacrifice, and I believe avoiding temptation is part of it.

MAKE A PLAN. Long distance relationship without plans or timetable when the separation is going to end is bound to fail. The goal of every long distance relationship should be to eventually live together so there has to be discussions and plans to achieve this goal. If there is no plan at all, you should ask yourself why you even had relationship in the first place. Knowing that long distance relationship is temporary also makes it easier for both parties to endure the agony of not being together. Right amount of planning is very important to secure feelings and continue to go on.

MAKE YOUR VACATIONS MEET. Since you only have little time to spend physically together, making your vacations is a great idea to make the most out of it. Part of it should probably involve pursuing common interests so that you can do everything together. A well planned vacation and time well spent together fuels the relationship and make it endure the distance between you and your loved one.

STAY POSITIVE. Feeling lost and lonely is inevitable in a long distance relationship but keep in mind that these feelings are being radiated over to your partner as well and sometimes it is not helpful. Stay positive and you will also radiate a positive emotion to your partner and lessen the amount of stress on your relationship. The right amount of optimism is critical for a long distance relationship to survive.

It may be easier said than done, but finding the right amount of everything and balance is the key to making long distance relationships work. Priority also plays an important role. If relationship is more important to you, career has to be sacrificed a little bit. Goodluck!