More and more people are beginning to look online to make money. Not just for some extra spending money, but for a livable income. While this is a great dream to have, it's not that farfetched. Tons of people are making incredible amounts of money without even having to leave their house.

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Get online and start investing.

The stock market is not just for stock brokers anymore, it is for anyone who has money and wants to start investing. That does not mean that you can just start throwing money in the stock market and begin to make millions. The stock market can be extremely complex. So before putting in a great deal of money, be sure that you know what you are doing. By watching the stock market and reading up on it, you can learn more and more each day. Many successful day traders have taught themselves by simply reading books and constantly watching the market. With the stock market, history can repeat itself several times. So if an investor is prepared for it before it happens, they can stand to make a large amount of money. With so many different ways to invest in the stock market, there is a different type of investment for everyone. A lot depends on if you are looking at a long term investment or a short term investment. While short term investments can pay off really quickly, they are usually much more risky. Long term investments, on the other hand, can make a large amount of money but it will take longer to accumulate. Some long term investments, such as a 401k, will actually penalize you if you take your money out too soon. With new companies emerging and disappearing daily it can a dangerous, as well as interesting, place to make a fortune.

Getting lots of traffic and cashing in.

Since there is such a draw to people and computers, many advertisers will pay a huge amount of money if you can get them to visit their website. Companies, such as Google, have set up advertising programs to make money. If you do not receive much traffic to your website, the earnings might be considerably small. But a website with a large amount of traffic can make six figures or more. These ads that are placed on your website are worth different amounts of money. While some ads might only be worth 10 cents per click, others might be worth 10 dollars per click! So it is important to find out which ads are worth the most amount of money. Once you have discovered what is currently paying the most, simply begin writing about that subject on your website. Many online advertising programs can scan your webpage to see what ads should be placed to go along with what you are writing about. This will also enhance your chances of having people click on ads because the advertisements are relevant to what they are currently reading about. The more you add to your website or other people's websites, the more money you can potentially make. There are many websites that will actually share some of their ad revenue if you simply write for them.