If you feel like you have entered a rut when it comes to lunchtime for your kids, imagine how they must feel? Kids are not interested in eating healthy; they just want their meals to be fun. Use some ideas from places on the Internet like Inch Bug. Here are some helpful tips on how you can put the excitement back into lunchtime for you and your kids.

Be Creative

The same old lunch can be boring and many times cause your kids to skip lunchtime all together. If you want to ensure your kids will enjoy their lunch, add some creativity to it. Brown bag lunches at school can bring little surprise--a sandwich, a bag of chips and maybe a pudding cup on the side. Step outside of the bag…give them a surprise.

Turn an ordinary sandwich into a kid friendly sushi roll. Take plain white bread, cut off the crusts and roll out the bread with a rolling pin, fusing the pieces of bread together. Spread ranch dressing on the bread and add ham, cheese, shreds of carrot and cubed sweet pickles. Roll it up and cut it; it looks just like sushi, but better. Your kids will actually eat it and love it.

Be Colorful and Fresh

A colorful lunch is much more appealing than a drab, plain and ordinary one. Kids, just like adults, eat with both their eyes and their stomachs. Add colorful items to the lunch plate--fresh greens for a salad, carrot sticks and ranch dressing, deviled eggs that are sprinkled with paprika, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries...whatever is in season. The most colorful foods are usually the healthiest. By creating a colorful and fresh lunch, your kids will begin eating healthier and not even realize it.

Let Them Help

Kids love to help in the kitchen; let them take part in their lunch planning and preparation. As they learn how to cook, they will begin to appreciate food and take more of an interest in what they eat. There are many dishes you can let your kids prepare with little help from you, no matter what their age. The Internet offers an endless supply of recipes that are fun for kids, not only to eat, but that they can have a part in preparing.

If your child is not interested in fruits or vegetables, or anything healthy for that matter, give incentives. If you will reward them for choosing one healthy item for their lunch each day with a trip to the local pizza shop at the end of the month, you might just see a sudden renewed interest in healthy foods, even from the pickiest of kids.