May 1st marks the yearly celebration of May Day. While many people don't pause to appreciate this spring holiday as much as they do with other major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, it can be fun in the tradition on this day of delivering May Day baskets to people you know and love.

You can make your own May Day baskets out of construction paper. Take a single piece of construction paper and bring together two of its corners which oppose each other diagonally. Slide the corners past each other in opposite directions to make the point at which they meet overlap slightly. Glue or tape the corners together. Bring one of the other corners sticking out to meet with the two corners stuck together. Tape or glue it to the other corners. Now you have a homemade May Day basket ready for flowers, candy or any other goodies you want to put in it. You can make a handle for the basket by cutting a single strip of construction paper or taking a piece of yarn and gluing the two ends on both sides of the basket.

You don't have to make your own May Day basket though. There are a variety of things you can find around your home to use instead such as strawberry and blueberry containers or half-gallon milk jug containers cut in half horizontally. In fact, any type of container will work as long as you attach a handle. Of course, you do also have the option of purchasing actual baskets to use as well.

After getting your basket ready, it's time to fill it with goodies. Flowers are one of the most popular things to include in May Day baskets since spring is the time when most are in full bloom. You can purchase flowers from the store or pick some out of your garden to include in the basket. You also have the option of driving down a country road and getting wildflowers growing in a ditch or field. Just make sure you pick the flowers at the last minute prior to giving the basket as this keeps them fresh and looking nice.

Candy is another popular item to include in May Day baskets. Almost everyone enjoys a sweet treat, and miniature size candy bars are often the perfect size for a May Day basket. Don't include candy in baskets though that may be left where animals or pets have access to them. This ruins the surprise and can cause the animal to become very ill.

Some people choose to deliver May Day baskets in person, so they can see the recipient's reaction and check on how they are doing. However, the purpose of a May Day basket is to make it a surprise. Quietly tiptoe onto the porch or stoop of your family, friend or neighbor's house. Put the May Day basket in front of their door or hang it off their door handle. Ring the door bell and run. If you want to see their reaction, hide behind a bush or peek out of your car. While they may be confused at first, you'll see a smile quickly spread across their face as they realize that someone they know cares.