How to Make Modern First Communion Invitations for Your Son or Daughter

Making your son or daughter's first communion an exciting experience and an unqualified success will be on top of your mind. To that end, you are working very hard in preparing for the event. To begin with you want to have great communion invitations. However, want to veer from the oft walked path and create an invitation which is a bit different and that stands apart from the normal fare.

Let us explore ideas for some modern first communion invitations that would brighten your child's communion. Creating a unique invitation for the communion will ensure that people keep talking about it for some time to come. First of all, you don't need to go completely off track and create something totally and unrecognizably different. You just extend the tradition with some new ideas.

Photos are invariably the first thing that anybody sees when they receive a communion invitation. Of course, you are also going to include photos, but instead of one, you will have as many photos in the invitation as you would like. This is an idea that could pleasantly surprise the invitees and make for an entertaining invitation reading for them.

Using multiple photos means you can have those photos expressing your child in different moods. It would express many different facets of your child. Experiment with different clothes for each of your child's photo. As an example, one would have you daughter in a shiny white dress, while others have them in carefree dresses taken on normal days. Else, you could have them in alternate poses.

A modern invitation also allows you to show the invitees the growing years of your child. This is a really attractive idea for both you and the invitees. Here the envelope would have a main photo which would be a traditional one. The photos in the invitation will then show the growing years of your child, for instance, a birthday photo of each year.

Religions texts on communion invitations are also a normal fare and you see them on all communion invitations that you receive. However modern first communion invitations could have something different such as a poetry or verse that you love. Or else, you can have some of your creativity unleashed and have poetry that you have written related to the communion.

If even that doesn't satisfy you, go a step further and get your child to write a simple and beautiful poetry of his own for the communion. This has another advantage in that the child feels like he or she s a part of the whole thing and hence gets excited about it. Poems written by children will also delight the attendees of course and they would be excited to attend your child's communion.

The ideas for modern first communion invitations are not the only ones, but just a beginning point. You are encouraged to use your own creativity to come up with ideas which may be even better than these. The important point is this whole exercise is to have fun and not feel like the whole thing is a formality.