Frustrated mom

Oh my! Another holiday season fast approaches us. What to do, what to do? Mom has it all handled, like always. She'll bake the turkey and the pies, make sure that there is plenty of whipped cream and mashed potatoes. The cookies smell so good, and the egg nog is to die for! But then what? All that cooking makes a big mess. All that noise is nearly intolerable, and inconsiderate family does not help.

Without mom, you would not have gotten that cool video game, or the perfect green bicycle. Without mom you'd have had to go without the latest purse and that make-up kit would still be sitting in the store on the shelf, or under someone else's tree.

Mom is the embodiment of the family unit. Mom ties all things together. She tries to keep the peace and keeps her mouth shut so that her family can enjoy the holidays. She is the protector of peace, but you know what? She would love to have the same things that visiting family has. A little consideration.

Ten things that you can do to make sure that your mom has the very best holiday.

1. Show up the day before and help her bake those pies, setup the stuffing and peel some potatoes.

2. Help plan the festivities, whether it is simple like who passes out gifts, to decorating the house.

3. Come early on the day of the holiday. Moms love to have help in the kitchen.

4. Don't complain if something is not the way you want it. Mom is doing her best.

5. Keep your children in line. A bunch of extra screaming, shouting, and fighting does not make for a peaceful holiday.

6. Be considerate of your mom.

7. Help keep the kitchen clean while the meal is being prepared.

8. Keep all unnecessary family out of the work areas.

9. Remember, it is mom's holiday too! Make sure her gifts do not sit under the tree waiting while she is slaving away over the turkey.

10. Most of all, offer to do the dishes, and clean up after the family! Big messes are not inductive to a happy mom.

The key here is to clean up as you go along.

What a Mess

And, don't expect mom to do ALL the work!

Daddy does dishes