How To Make Money On Content Creation

Making Money on InfoBarrel

If you have the question of “How to make money online when I am broke?” and you don’t know what to do, then follow these simple ideas.

The whole basis for making money online is the use of links. Links basically make the whole internet work.  You use them every time you surf online and really don’t think much about them. Officially they are called hyperlinks.  They tell your computer where to go to get the web pages and basically where to get the information that you want. 

The information that you want is called content.  Content is what we all are seeking when we go online.  The content can be a recipe, sports scores, how to fix a broken lock, a product review, etc.  Content adds to our lives and it is the reason we are all online.

So where am I going with this? Well these two things are the backbone of how you make money online.  The use of links is how we make money.  People and businesses have things to sell and are constantly looking for people that want to buy their products.  They don’t want to connect with people that have no use for their products because they will rarely ever sell anything to them.  How many people interested in baseball card collecting will be buying items from a bridal shop.  Not many. Now how many brides to be will be purchasing products from a bridal shop? The chances are a lot better than the previous example.

Now here is where you come in and this is how you can make money on line. You create valuable content that people are looking for in what is called a niche.  The niches in the above examples were baseball card collecting and bride to be.

You are screening buyers at this point. When you have people visiting and viewing your content, you will offer links to the sites of businesses selling products that will be of interest to people in these niches.

If people purchase products, you get a referral fee.  This is called affiliate marketing.  You are affiliated with those businesses.

The business model that you are trying to achieve then is to create useful content to help people.  This content could fix a problem, entertain, explain something, etc.  This is usually free to them. (You can sell content such as an eBook)

Mixed in with this content, you want to put affiliate links to relevant products and offers that people interested in your content would naturally have a interest or need for.

Once this content is created and the links are created it can be placed on a site such as Infobarrel where it will stay  forever without costing you a dime for such things as hosting or annual domain name registration fees.   The content and links are basically working 24/7 to maybe make you money.  Once you have created this, you can move on to the next and next and next.  Each one has the possibly of making you money 24/7.  Will they all? No, but the business model is to create thousand and thousand of links that can randomly pay you a commission.

Also on Infobarrel, there are Adsense ads that if people reading your content clicks on them, you receive a onetime payment. You don’t receive a commission for any product or services that they purchase. You can make a little or a lot of the Adsense depending how many people visit your content.

Another way to do this is to create an eBook. This is getting very popular because you can sell an eBook on sites like Amazon for the Kindle and get paid for your content.  Inside the content of your eBook can be affiliate links. The same content creation concept and affiliate link creation as above, but with an upfront payment for the eBook.

This is a lot easier that most people believe.  You don’t have to create a 500 page novel.  It can be a 10 page eBook on how to do something that you charge $.99 for on Amazon. On the last page you can have recommended resources with are actually affiliate links.

To get started in doing this, you need to open an Infobarrel account.  This is free and really simple to do. Sign up for an Infobarrel account here. After opening your account, you need to learn how to create content .

 This is going to take some time to get started.  Remember the goal is to slowly create links that will be working for you 24/7.  I hope that this answers your question of “How to make money online when I am broke?”