About Weegy

Weegy is a question and answer site and anybody can be a member.  You can go to Weegy if you questions and if you have problems.  There are many available experts that can help you if you needed an answer to your questions whether it is an assignment or a research that is required in your class.  

Weegy experts are anyone who has knowledge and has willingness to share it.  They include professionals, educators, students and stay-at-home dads and moms.  They are real people just like you. 


The image of Weegy is a photo mosaic of 5,000+ experts


How Can I Earn

Do not think that you can be rich when you become an expert in Weegy.  This site will not earn you a passive income, you can earn on this site by answering a question honestly and correctly. 

Earning in Weegy is very simple but in order to earn you need to sign up to become a Weegy expert.  The minimum age required for a Weegy expert is 18 years old.

Payments depend on variable rate.  They reward experts who consistently provide correct and helpful answers.  The pay rate varies by conversation and depends on several factors like the question and the quality of the answer, the level of an expert, the total points achieved, the time of the day, the flag rate, the ratings of the user, warnings, active participation on the site, length of time as a Weegy expert and by an evaluation of Weegy administrators.  They do not disclose the specific pay rate formula but most of the time the average rate of an established expert will earn is $0.20 or more per conversation.   

Experts can also earn a variable rate of pay for new answers added in Weegy Search and the Moderators earn $0.05 for every conversation and new answer that they confirm.

What is the Payment Method?

You will need a PayPal Account when you become an Expert on Weegy.  Payments are transferred to your Paypal Account when your account reaches $20.  There is no other payment option in Weegy so if you do not have an account in PayPal, you must register if you become a member.

You can enter your Paypal email address on your Account (View and edit expert settings) page.

What to do

To earn in Weegy you must log in to your account.  Click the Expert tab and keep it open. What is good about this site is that you can do other tasks because you will know if there is an incoming conversation.  You will hear a ding when someone asks a question. You will only have 15 seconds to accept it. You can accept the conversation if you think you can answer the question and you can also reject it if you think that the conversation is too hard for you to answer. You can pass a conversation to another expert at any point during a conversation just by selecting the action Pass Conversation to Another Expert and click Enter. Weegy will move on to the next expert. If you accept, you can search your answer on the web during the conversation and after searching and you think your answer is correct, enter your response. You can also click the Add response to knowledge base check box if you think your response will be the correct response, in every future case, to the entire preceding conversation. Weegy will add your response to the knowledge base and if someone asks a similar question Weegy will use your answer. 

What should an expert know to be successful in Weegy

Weegy experts should work hard.  They should be passionate about their areas of expertise and they should love to help people.

Weegy experts should take part in a truly exciting and stimulating endeavor that will provide a positive contribution to the global community.

Weegy experts should become online leaders of a community of people who share their interests.

Weegy experts can participate whenever and wherever they want. No amount of participation is too little or too much.

Weegy experts should establish their credibility and rating through the standard Weegy chat service and by posting comments in Weegy search.

Experts will always be listed in points order, so higher points leads to more high paying questions.

Follow the rules. You will receive official warnings if you violate the rules.  This will negatively affect your pay rate and account standing. 

What are Weegy points?

Points are important because higher points will lead to more high paying questions in Weegy. Higher points are always listed first.

You can earn points when you contribute to Weegy. You will get 10 points for each positive rating, 10 points for each accepted invitation or referred user, 1 point for each new answer or comment. You need 30 points to get unlimited answers from live experts. 

Privileges of earning a higher level in Weegy

You can achieve levels by earnings points.  1,000 points equals 1 level.  By earning levels, you can do more on the site.  You can flag answers or comments as incorrect when you are in Level 1.  You can delete an answer or comment in Weegy search when you are in Level 5. 

Moderators can flag or unflag answers or comments as incorrect.  They can delete an answer or comment in Weegy search. They can delete a conversation if it is profane or inappropriate. They can block a user.  They can warn, and potentially suspend an expert. They can nominate an expert to be a moderator. They can confirm answers as correct, not copied, and helpful.  They can also edit conversations. They are given the highest level of attention and support.  Moderators are selected by their peers and Weegy administrators.  Experts who receive 3 nominations will be granted moderator status. They are also given a direct email address to Weegy support staff.    

Points Contest

Another way of earning on this site is the Points Contest.  Every month, they reward experts who have earned the most points.  The contest is based on monthly points so even new members can join.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three experts.  The first place receives $30, second place receives $20 and the third place receives $10.  The winner also gets an official Weegy T-shirt.   Moderators are not included in the Points Contest.

Referral Program

When your referral signs up at Weegy, you will earn 10 points and you can earn $0.50 every time your referred user asks a Weegy Pro or Weegy Research a question. You can share your link in your websites, blogs, e-mail and social media sites.  You will receive a referral fee every time they ask a Pro or Research question and that is forever. Your referrals can provide a steady source of significant recurring income. To get your referral link and your referral hyperlink you can go to your Account Information Tab.


Weegy is another site where you can earn extra income online.  You do not have to be stuck online.  You can work any time you want and you can also choose the questions you wanted to answer.