I have had numerous people ask me recently how to make money blogging for passive income? Is it easy to make money online? Is it difficult to get started? Do you need your own website? The list of questions for beginners goes on and on. In my experience, making passive income online is neither difficult nor do you need huge amounts of technical skills to get started. You do not need a bunch of money to get going; you can use free tools and a free blog to get started without a single penny to invest. No, making money online is not difficult to do, but making a full time income is not as easy as people would tell you. I love blogging and will never stop because I enjoy researching and leaning new things. Another great benefit to becoming a blogger is that you have your very own soap box to get onto anytime you want. If you want your view point to acknowledged and sometimes even admired, then blogging to make a few extra bucks may be just the thing for you.

How much money can you make with blogs? Well, the answer to the question of making money with blogs is not as uncomplicated as it would seem on the surface. It really does depend on one thing and one thing only, how much targeted traffic you get to your blog and how well you can get that traffic to take the desired action. What is the desired action? You need them to take the action that will make you some money, namely clicking on advertising or purchasing a product through your affiliate program links. Your goal then figure out which form of monetization will work best for your blog. Sometimes the best choice is Adsense ads, sometimes a physical product, or sometimes a downloadable product like software or an ebook. I generally work towards getting large amounts of targeted traffic to my pages and then testing several forms of monetization to see which ones will convert the best on my pages. The goal is to offer the right mix of money making options so that the content is well blended with the monetized offers. You do not want to look like a billboard screaming "I'm desperate, buy from me!" What you do want is to offer solutions to the problem you are writing about. Solid useful information builds trust with your readers and will ultimately put more money in your pocket. Make certain that you offer your readers solutions to their problems for the time it takes them to read your pages

How to Get Started Blogging for Cash

The first thing you need to do is to select a topic people will want to read about. Most of us start with some topic in which we have a basic area of expertise. You will be doing a lot of writing for your blog and the pages that support it, so choosing a topic you know well and that you are comfortable with is helpful. Eventually you will be able to write on any topic once you have been blogging for some time. I was surprised how quickly both my research and writing skills improved in the first year I was blogging. Once you have selected your topic, or niche, to write on you should move on to the next step, selecting either a free blogging platform of the purchase or a domain name and hosting. I would have all of you know that there is a great debate in the make money online from home community on whether you should own your own blog or use a free platform to host your blog. The basic argument is that if you use a free platform you do not own your own work. If the platform folds, you could lose everything you have done up to that point. By the way, you also can not move your content later. On most platforms, once you publish you can not republish later elsewhere. On the other hand, if you own you own domain and host it on a paid host, you have complete control of the stability of the platform. You can do whatever you want with your content; even sell your blog at a later date if you want. You do not have these options if you use a free host so consider you options carefully before you make your decision. There is minimal cost involved in owning your own site, about ten bucks a year for a domain registration, and $5 a month or less for web hosting. When asked what I do, my answer is simple, both. I use free domains as support blogs to send traffic to my main blog, which I happen to own. I tend to use free blogs as a way to test which niches really make money blogging and which do not before I invest in owning my own blog in the niche. As you may have guessed I am at the point where I own several blogs.

Once you have a topic for your niche, and a place to host your blog, you will need to decide on the monetization. I tend to try affiliate programs first. I prefer to sell physical goods on my sites, although I do use Adsense for some and a variety of other advertising programs for others. The main thing is to test a lot, and continue to test periodically. Whichever method you choose, have a plan before you start writing the content for your blog pages. You can always change later, but decide on a starting point before you begin.

How do you make money blogging for passive income? The answer comes with the preplanning for your business. Decide on a niche, select a way to host your blog, and select the form of monetization. All of the steps in the decision making process and preplanning stages are as important as the value of the content you will later write. These decisions are most important to making a strong foundation for your blog. A strong foundation will allow you to make your blog more profitable. That is how to make money blogging for passive income.