If you can build a Wordpress blog then you can make money building websites for local businesses. Wordpress sites do better in search engines, so any sites you make will do better and they do NOT even have to look like Wordpress sites.

Many people struggle with Wordpress but would love a blog, if only they could get over that first hurdle. You can help them over it by offering to set up their blog for free. Free is a great way of promoting your services. You could charge extra for a unique theme or a logo design.

Make Money Helping Others To Build Websites

You can run classes somewhere there is an Internet connection, you can all log on to. Local schools are usually willing to hire out rooms with a wireless Internet connection for a reasonable fee. You do not need access to the school's computer's, because each person will be bringing his or her own laptop.

You can give each person printed instructions and walk around the room helping those people who are stuck. It would only take a single two hour session to take people from first idea to first post, including buying hosting through your link. You could run these classes for free because of the money you would make from everyone buying hosting through your link, but 'Free' makes people suspicious, so charge $10 and you should have an endless queue.

Make Money Building Websites for Yourself

Find a web hosting company that allows you to host an unlimited number of domains for the same price as one. This way each extra site you set up only costs you the $10 for the domain name.

Set up a Wordpress blog for every one of your interests, including 'Making Money Building Websites'. Start by updating each blog at least once a week and preferably every few days.

Find affiliate programs for relevant products and services within the niche that each blog serves. You should ideally, own anything you recommend. You will then be able to talk much more convincingly about it and secure more referral income as a result. Only recommend products you believe in, your reputation depends on it.

Once your blog has more than a handful of regular readers you can put Google's Adsense adverts on it, which will earn you some money.

Make Money Building Websites for Friends

Encourage friends to set up blogs. If your blogs are going to make you money then you will want to encourage your friends to do the same. Offer to host them for free so the upfront cost does not put them off. Show friends how to set up Wordpress. Offer to make them a theme for free. There are no expenses involved as long as your hosting company has no bandwidth limits.

Put an affiliate link to your web hosting company in the Wordpress footer. Most people have no idea how to remove this link and besides which, your friends would hopefully agree to the link as your 'payment' for setting up their blog without charge. If your web hosting companies uses lifetime cookie you could earn from today's click on that link in ten years time.

Ask if your friends will link to your blog from theirs, via their Blogroll. It all increases traffic to your own blogs and your chances of making money.

Building websites is so easy with Wordpress that you could set one up, complete with theme in less than one hour. If you set up hundreds then just think about all those affiliate links and all those links back to your own blogs.

Any blogs you set up on your web host will have the same IP address, so you will not gain much page rank, but it is still worth doing.

Your friends may already have hosting and just be stuck setting up Wordpress. Help them out, without any charge, then ask if they would like you to design a unique theme for them. Any links from these friends' sites will be from different IP addresses providing your own blogs with much more benefit in page rank.

Make Money Building Websites Online

Advertize your blog building service on your own blogs. Show screenshots of some of the sites you have designed for friends or community. You can very easily set up an account with PayPal to receive payment via credit cards.

Promote Your Blog Building Service

Promote it by writing articles that link back to your blog. You can post articles on revenue share sites such as InfoBarrel.com that will allow you to include in-body links. Other sites allow you to post your link in your signature. You can even write articles and give them away to article distribution sites that will send them out to hundreds of bloggers and ezine writers.

Make Money Building Websites for Local Businesses

There are still many local businesses that have no website. These people know they are losing out by not having one, but the 'fear factor' is what stops them. Many businesses are concerned that the cost of a website and constant updates will escalate.

You can offer to set up their Wordpress site for $50, complete with unique theme. You could make money by doing it for free but people do not value what they get for free. $50 is not going to put anyone off.

What You Need to Buy to Make Money Building Websites

You need a program to design Wordpress themes if you are to make serious money by building websites. Artisteer 2.4 is the only one widely available. There are two versions that cost $49.95 and $129.95 at the time of writing (July 2010). You can see the power this program has for yourself because it is available as a free download. (You cannot save or export from the Free download until you purchase a license key.)

Artisteer allows you to design a Wordpress theme from scratch in 40 minutes, including using your own graphics.

Any professionally designed website must have a logo. You will need to buy logo design software that is easy to use. You can have a logo ready in 30 minutes, ready to place in your Artisteer-designed Wordpress themes.