About Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work. Clients can choose from various workers and workers can select from the many tasks or HITs whenever they want. Workers can make money by working on HITs.  HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks are the individual tasks that you can work on. Anyone can register to work in Mechanical Turk. The registration is absolutely free. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Make Money Online on Mechanical Turk

Samples of Work or HITs in Mechanical Turk

There are more than 300,000 available HITs that you can choose from every day.  Here are some of them:

  • Transcribe a media file
  • Review a transcript for accuracy and compliance
  • Write a 500 word article
  • Review a movie
  • Usability test on a certain website
  • Application Usage Study
  • Writing image descriptions
  • Provide a text transcript and description of a video
  • Answer a survey about your opinions
  • Web online search and data entry

How Does It Works

After your registration is approved, you can log in to your account.  After logging in, on the right side corner above you will see your name, account settings, sign out and help. In the center above, you will see 3 tabs namely: Your Account, HITs and Qualifications.  Under your Account’s tab, there are 5 sub-categories namely: Introduction, Dashboard, Status, Earnings and Account Settings.  If you click Introduction, you will be redirected to the page where you logged in.  In Dashboard, you can see your Worker’s ID.  Sometimes Requesters or Clients are asking to put your Worker ID before you can work on to their HITs.  You can also see your total earnings, earnings to date, earnings available, earnings available for transfer, approved HITs, bonuses, HIT total, HITs that have been submitted, approved, rejected and pending. You can also see the values and your ratings. In Status tab, you will see your HITs submitted within the last 45 days. In Earnings tab, you will see how much of your earnings are available for transfer and your transfer history. In Account’s Settings tab, it is more on your personal information.  You can change your name, e-mail address and password. You can also edit your contact address information in Amazon.

There are three categories under HITs tab.  They are All HITs, HITs Available To You and HITs Assigned To You. Under All HITs, you will see all jobs posted but I suggest you just click HITs Available To You if you are searching for jobs to save time and to know what jobs are just really available for you to work on. When you click All HITs Available To You, you will see the word sort by and an encircled word GO in an orange color on the left side corner below the results.  You will see an arrow down, when you click it, you can choose from HIT creation date (oldest first), HIT creation date (newest first), HITs available (fewest first), HITs available (most first), Reward Amount (least first), Reward Amount (most first), Expiration Date (soonest first), Expiration Date (latest first), Title (A-Z), Title (Z-A), Time Allotted (least first), and Time Allotted (most first).    

When I was still new in Mechanical Turk I always click HITs available (most first) because I wanted to work on many HITs to earn more but because I noticed that HITs available (most first) are the ones with a lower rate I now click HITs with a Reward Amount (most first) so that I can earn more with a little effort.           

Below the word sort by, you will now see the jobs available that you can choose from. You can see the name of the Requester, the expiration date, the time allotted, the reward amount and the HITs available.  If you want a certain job, you can click a view a HIT in this group that is located at the right side corner of a certain job.  When you clicked it, you will see the timer and a question if you want to work on that HIT. Before accepting a job, read carefully the instructions on it.  See if you are qualified and if there are qualifications needed to be able to be accepted on the job so that your time and effort will not put into waste. Remember to accept the job before starting. And after finishing the task, don’t forget to click submit.     

My Personal Experience

My first and one of my favorite tasks in Mechanical Turk is typing the contents in a calling card.  The rate is $0.02 per correct answer.  I remember when this client posts his thousands of HITs.  These posts will be completed in less than an hour.  I guess many workers also like this job.  I have also answered some of the surveys that I think is worth of my time and the payment is not that bad.  Compensation for surveys ranges from $0.20 to $2.00 per survey. Among the tasks I have done in Mechanical Turk, my favorite one is the vision test, the test will only run for 5-10 minutes and the compensation is $2.00.  You can use your smartphone, your laptop and desktop when taking the test. There are times when you have already taken the test using your computer, you can still use your smartphone to take another vision test. So your income will be $4.00 instead of $2.00 only. Working in Mechanical Turk is my other way of earning online and I do it whenever I am not busy and choose jobs that I think is worth my time.  As of now I have $79.29 on my account in Mechanical Turk.  I am still thinking on what I will buy in Amazon so I am not redeeming my income yet in this site. 


I guess there are really many online opportunities for us to make some cash without spending any dime and one of them is Mechanical Turk.  It is a big company that is already been there for years.  If you haven’t tried Mechanical Turk yet, register and choose from thousands of available hits every day at your own convenience.