How to Make Money Easily with Youtube Videos

This guide is not to help you make a million dollars with your first video. That's pretty much impossible. Instead, the goal is to make a few videos in a few choice niches, promoting selected products; that will continually make you a solid steady income of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a month. The key is to work smart, not necessarily hard. This checklist will lay out the steps required and remind you how to succeed at video marketing.

Step 1: Brainstorm Niches

Finding viable niches for video marketing is different from finding viable niches for other types on online affiliate marketing. Instead of specific, go general. Instead of trying to be the first or only, look for competition.

Remember, the bigger the niche, the better. Look for the large, general niches you'd have to pare down for traditional website affiliate marketing, so instead of narrowing your focus to 'dog care needs for women living in large cities' you'd just focus on dogs. The tons of videos that are also about dogs will actually help you in marketing your video, not hurt you.

Step 2: Research Niches

You're looking for niches that have videos with fast-building view numbers. Enter your niche idea into YouTube and under 'Search Options' and 'Upload Date' select 'This week' and then 'This Month.' Then check the videos to see what the view count is.

You're looking for 100+ views in the first day or so, 2,000+ views in the first month, and 10,000+ views by three months. These numbers will show if there is a steady interest in the niche. You should also check out what the most popular videos are, and see what niches they fit into. Look for niches that have how-to's that are informational.

Step 3: Find Products to Promote

Head over to ClickBank and check out the marketplace. You need to find niches that have a lot of products worth promoting, so you can take a look at the products in the niches you checked out on YouTube already. The goal is to pick two or three products per niche, and each product should have a gravity score of 20 or higher.

ClickBank's Gravity score refers to how successful affiliates have been at selling the product in the last three months. If you don't find products with high gravity scores, you'll need to find a better niche. You can do that by searching ClickBank's marketplace sorting from gravity and select the category that has the highest scores or most amount of products with high scores. Then go to YouTube and check out the videos in those niches.

Step 4: Make a Website

You want to make a simple two or three page site. You can have product reviews, and opt-in page so you can gather leads, but the biggest element on your site should be your affiliate links from the products. You don't have to worry about search engine optimization or PageRank for this website, it's simply the place  you are directing your video traffic to, so they can click the links to purchase the products you promote. Keep the site looking clean and basic, and make sure your links work!

Step 5: Make a Video

Your video doesn't need to be complex or have amazing special effects. It should be straighforward, and three to five minutes long. Take the viewers on a product tour. After a few introductory sentences, talk about the product; what it does, what problem it solves, and how it works. If the product has bonus items, do a separate video for each of the bonuses.

The main thing to do in the video is direct people to your domain. Show the URL and invite people to visit it at the beginning, middle and end of the video. You can even watermark the video with the website address. Also use the word 'free' when it fits – it's a big buzz word!

Remember, you don't need a video camera to make these videos, just camera software. I recommend Camtasia or Screenflow (for Macs). The software will even offer to watermark the video for you.

Step 6: Upload to site(s)

You'll need a title, tags, category and description for your video. Check out what's already in use, and copy what you see being done well. Your description only needs to be two or three sentences, and should include a link to your website and your keyword.

Make sure your title includes your main keyword so the video can be found easily. Besides YouTube, you should check out TubeMogul and TrafficGeyser, which can post your video on multiple video sites with just one upload. Make sure your site is ready for visitors, and upload your video!

Last But Not Least

You can work your way through these steps as quickly as you'd like. You can even get your site up and your video posted in a day! But remember, getting set up fast isn't as important as finding profitable products and niches, so don't bypass the research!

This is a great way to start making money in the affiliate marketing world. Once you've made a video and a site, you can sit back and watch the hits, views and money come in!